Where to throw garbage in condominiums and private homes in Thailand

Is it necessary to sort garbage in Thailand?

Near shops, as well as on beaches and other public places, you can see bins for certain types of garbage. These urns may have matching signatures and different colors.

Urns for bottles and plastic glasses may have appropriate slots.

In these cases, if the need for garbage sorting is explicitly indicated, then you need to do it.

As for the household waste that you throw away in condominiums, it usually does not need to be sorted. At least I've never encountered it.

Even if a condominium uses trash cans of different colors, this does not mean that it needs to be sorted. You can put all your garbage in one bag and throw it into any trash can.

Where to throw garbage in condominiums

Perhaps you have settled in a nice apartment in a great condominium, and you like everything. But now you have accumulated garbage, and it's time to take it out. But you may find that there are no bins or trash cans anywhere! Do not rush to panic, there will definitely be garbage cans, and, most likely, closer than you might think.

It is common practice to have trash cans on every floor of a condominium.

Quite often, garbage cans and trash cans are located in a separate special room, which is closed with a latch.

Such premises can be located at the two ends of each floor (if the building is large) or at one end of the floor.

In this photo, behind the last door, which is located on the front, there is a trash room and a trash can.

If you open the door, then immediately everything becomes clearer – just trust your instincts)))

Some condominiums may not have a designated waste area. In this case, look for bins next to the stairs and the elevator.

Finally, in the cheapest condominiums, it is possible that there are no trash cans on each floor. In this case, you need to take your garbage to the first floor. There will definitely be urns.

It is never required to carry garbage outside the condominium.

Where to throw garbage for residents of private houses

You need to find a place organized for garbage disposal and take your garbage there.

Usually this place looks like a few blue round tanks.

Please note that some homeowners contract with garbage collection companies. In this case, they receive their own personal trash cans, which are located directly in front of their house, and from which the garbage collection company picks up this garbage.

First, you can do the same and get your own waste bins close to home.

Secondly, you should not throw your rubbish into private trash cans unless you have been given permission by their owner. You need to use public trash cans, even if they are further away than your neighbor's private trash cans.

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