Sights and nightlife of Pattaya: a map of interesting places and their description

Table of contents

1. What to see in Pattaya

2. Map Interesting places of Pattaya

3. Sights of Pattaya. Tourist places in Pattaya

3.1 Phra Tamnak Mountain Viewpoint

3.2 Big Buddha Temple

3.3 Mini Siam

3.4 The Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm

3.5 Underwater World Pattaya (Exhibition of fish and other aquatic animals)

3.6 Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

3.7 Pattaya Floating Market

3.8 Khao Chi Chan (Buddha image on the mountain)


3.10 Sanctuary of Truth Museum

3.11 Pattaya City Sign

3.12 Pattaya Elephant Village (Elephant Ride)

3.13 Snake Show Pattaya

3.14 Tiger Park

3.15 Alcazar Cabaret Show

3.16 Tiffany's Show Pattaya

3.17 Monster Aquarium

3.18 Fairy Sweet Village

3.19 Khao Kheow Open Zoo

3.20 Dolphinarium Pattaya

3.21 Max Muay Thai Stadium Pattaya (Kickboxing Stadium)

3.22 MIMOSA Pattaya

3.23 Krating Lai Beach (Park by the sea)

3.24 Swiss Sheep Farm Pattaya

3.25 Art In Paradise Pattaya

3.26 Parody art museum

3.27 Big Bee Farm Pattaya

3.28 Frost Magical Ice of Siam

3.29 Ripley's Believe It or Not! Pattaya

4. Active recreation in Pattaya

4.1 Ramayana Water Park

4.2 Pattaya Water Park

4.3 Grande Center Point Space Waterpark

4.4 Pattaya Kart Speedway

4.5 Easykart.net Go-Karting (Pattaya Bali Hai Pier)

5. Nightlife in Pattaya

5.1 Walking Street

5.2 Soi Buakhao

5.3 Soi 6

5.4 Soi 13/1 and Soi 13/2

5.5 Corner of Pattaya Klang and Beach Road

5.6 Gay street

5.7 Phra Tam Nak, Soi 5

5.8 Thappraya Rd, Jomtien

5.9 Soi Jomtien 7

5.10 Bun Kanchana Alley

5.11 SUPERTOWN Jomtien Walking Street

6. Beaches of Pattaya

7. Shopping centers and markets in Pattaya

8. Ko Lan Island

9. Walking routes in Pattaya

10. Cheap hotels in Pattaya

What to see in Pattaya

Did you come to Pattaya on vacation or just passing through here? Or did you come to live in Thailand and decided to settle in Pattaya? Regardless of the reasons why you are here, you may wonder: what attractions are there in Pattaya, what is interesting to see in Pattaya to get strong emotions?

Pattaya is known for its nightlife and girls, but in fact, there are plenty of interesting places of a very different nature in Pattaya and in its suburbs. A vacation may not be enough to see them all!

I have compiled a list of the most interesting places in Pattaya for you. It's not only nightlife and girls here – there are many other beautiful and memorable places. By the way, I didn’t forget about nightlife either and marked for you on the map the areas with the highest concentration of bars and girls! But first of all, on the map and in this note, family places are collected that you can visit, including with friends and children.

A small overview and photos have been prepared for all places.

Map Interesting places of Pattaya

To find out where you can get on foot, by public transport or by taxi, you can use the following map. This is a map of attractions and nightlife in Pattaya.

Sights of Pattaya. Tourist places in Pattaya

Note: Pattaya attractions are marked with black marks on the map.

Phra Tamnak Mountain Viewpoint

This is one of the few attractions with free entry. It offers the most recognizable view of Pattaya with a curving coastline.

There are several observation platforms for the city, as well as several monuments.

Getting here on foot is not very easy because of the uphill and public transport routes are quite far from here. But if you came on a package tour, then most likely you will be taken to this place.

Big Buddha Temple

The Buddhist Thai temple is located near the Viewpoint mentioned above.

Here you will see statues of Buddha, snakes and other revered spirits traditional for Thai temples.

Mini Siam

Miniature copies of popular buildings are placed on a large open-air area: the Egyptian pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, temples of Thailand and other countries, and much more.

I like to visit here and show my friends and relatives, in total I have been here at least four times))))

The Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm

Another great place that I have been to several times)))

On the territory of the open park you will see wonderful landscapes, a small zoo and a crocodile farm.

The crocodiles can be fed – this is set up as a thrilling attraction in which you are challenged to compete with the crocodiles in reaction speed. Spoiler alert: you don't stand a chance!

Here you can also feed elephants and giraffes, and you can take photos with tigers. With the rest of the animals, you can also take photos, I mentioned tigers because it is paid.

A good place to spend a large part of the day outdoors with the family.

Underwater World Pattaya (Exhibition of fish and other aquatic animals)

And one more place that I like and where I have also been several times )))

Here you will see a variety of fish and animals of the water element.

Entrance ticket costs 500 baht, but the fish show is very spectacular. I would recommend going.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

A large complex, the heart of which are tropical plants and landscapes.

Some of the places in this complex:

  • Cactus Garden
  • Sky Garden
  • Butterfly Hill
  • Nong Nooch Village
  • Elephant Theater

In general, like the previous place, this garden will leave an unforgettable experience for children, and maybe even for you!

Pattaya Floating Market

Floating market – if you are interested in the life of the ancient Thais and / or you have not seen a single floating market, then you should go.

Here you will be told about Thai traditional culture.

You will also see recreated scenes from ancient Thai life.

And, of course, here you will see a market divided by canals and connected by bridges.

Khao Chi Chan (Buddha image on the mountain)

A unique attraction with a large Buddha image carved into the wall of the mountain.

See also: Khao Chi Chan: huge Buddha image on the mountain (photos and video)


A quirky farm with sheep, birds, animal shows, games and colorful playgrounds for the kids.

Something between a farm and a zoo. Sheep can be fed.

In addition to sheep, there are other animals here.

Beautiful landscapes and atmospheric buildings.

Not a bad place to spend part of the day or evening outdoors with the kids.

Sanctuary of Truth Museum

Large wooden temple.

Entrance costs 500 baht.

The place is interesting, but to be honest, you can find more exciting sights.

The advantage of this place is that, unlike many other interesting places mentioned, which are located mainly in the suburbs, this one is located within the city, in North Pattaya.

Pattaya City Sign

This is another famous symbol of the city of Pattaya.

See also:

This attraction is optional to visit – it can be seen from the coast of Central Pattaya.

But if you wish, you can drive up to the foot of the hill with this inscription and even climb to the very inscription.

If you climb onto the platform with inscriptions, then you will have another view of the coast of Pattaya.

Pattaya Elephant Village (Elephant Ride)

Elephant riding and photo session.

The experience is certainly unique, but I cannot say that I definitely recommend this attraction.

Elephants move quite slowly and are rocked quite a lot. A bit scary. During the walk, the elephants manage to cover a relatively short route.

I rode elephants a couple of times in Pattaya and Ayutthaya, some Thai people might like it, but it didn’t seem very interesting to me, I would have preferred other leisure activities.

On the other hand, if you are in Thailand (or even in Southeast Asia) for a short vacation, then riding an elephant can be a memory for you for a lifetime.

Snake Show Pattaya

Show with poisonous snakes and people.

For a fee, you can eat the snake and drink its blood. Not a joke.

Tiger Park

If you want to look at tigers and take photos with them.

Alcazar Cabaret Show

Music, dancing, costumes, illumination – for those who like this kind of entertainment.

Tiffany's Show Pattaya

And again, music, dancing, outfits, illumination, but with transgender people and transvestites.

Monster Aquarium

Large aquariums with colorful fish, a reptile house and a small zoo with farm animals and birds such as owls.

Fairy Sweet Village

Fairytale and sweet village. Here you can take photos with sugar houses in the background.

You can also try a variety of desserts.

Fairy Sweet Village is located inside the city, next to the tuk tuk route (the road from South Pattaya towards Jomtien), that is, easily accessible by public transport.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Large petting zoo.

It is located quite far from Pattaya – almost halfway to Bangkok.

Dolphinarium Pattaya

At the Dolphinarium you can:

  • watch a dolphin show
  • swim with dolphins
  • take pictures with dolphins
  • celebrate birthday with dolphins
  • take pictures with seals

Max Muay Thai Stadium Pattaya (Kickboxing Stadium)

Daily fights Muay Thai (kickboxing).

MIMOSA Pattaya

A colorful shopping and restaurant complex with night cabarets, a small zoo and other attractions.

Scenery for interesting photos.

Krating Lai Beach (Park by the sea)

Beautiful and large seaside park. More details about it are described in the note “Park for walking and running in Pattaya – Hat Krathing Lai Seashore Park”.

Entrance to the park is free.

There is a long road in the park that is closed to vehicles.

There are several cafes in the park.

You can take a walk along the seashore or relax on a bench.

The park is located at a distance from Pattaya, to get to it, you need transport.

Swiss Sheep Farm Pattaya

Recreated European farm with feeding and caressing animals, horseback riding, playgrounds and accommodation.

Active recreation in Pattaya

Note: On the map, places for active recreation are marked with orange markers.

See also: Badminton courts in Pattaya. Where to buy badminton equipment in Pattaya

Ramayana Water Park

Family park with high-speed water slides, wave pools, children's areas and a floating market.

The biggest and best water park in Thailand!

Immerse yourself in ancient legends and myths in 4 huge themed areas. 21 world-class slides, 2 huge children's areas, 3 pools, a long lazy river, 50 different activities in total. The highest safety standards.

Pattaya Water Park

Not a very large water park, but located inside the city. It also has a direct sea view.

There are several attractions and a train.

Here you can relax and have a meal overlooking the sea.

Grande Center Point Space Waterpark

Another relatively small water park located inside the city.

This water park is located in North Pattaya, in contrast to the previous one, spread between Phra Tamnak and Jomtien.

Pattaya Kart Speedway

Outdoor area with go-kart tracks for beginners and professionals, as well as a quad bike track.

Easykart.net Go-Karting (Pattaya Bali Hai Pier)

Another karting track.

Night life

Note: on the map the busiest areas and streets where the nightlife is in full swing are marked in red and blue.

A few streets and districts are listed below, but this does not mean that bars and girls are absent in other places. You can find a bar anywhere in the city. The places of the highest concentration of nightlife establishments are mentioned.

Walking Street

The most famous street in Pattaya. There are many bars and Go Go establishments.

During the day, this is not a particularly remarkable place, and in the evening the street is closed to traffic, becomes pedestrian and nightlife flourishes on it.

Bars are located both on Walking Street itself and on adjacent streets. The area with the highest concentration of bars is marked on the map as “The bars in the Walking Street area”.

Soi Buakhao

Soi Buakhao may be a little less famous than Walking Street. But it's actually a longer street with just as many bars and go-gos as Walking Street.

And if you take into account the surrounding streets and bars on them, then of course, in the Soi Buakhao area, there are most of all establishments for adults.

The area with the highest concentration of bars is marked on the map as “The bars in the Soi Buakhao area”.

Soi 6 (soi hok)

Another very large cluster of bars.

Soi 6 is located closer to North Pattaya.

Soi 13/1 and Soi 13/2

Soi 13/1 and Soi 13/2 are located between Walking Street and Soi Buakhao. These streets are filled with bars.

Corner of Pattaya Klang and Beach Road

The area between Pattaya Klang road and Central Festival. Lots of bars.

Gay street

Small area with boys for boys.

The following are areas of the “second league”, that is, a street with a relatively large concentration of bars, but not comparable to the previous areas.

Phra Tam Nak, Soi 5

For those who live on Phra Tam Nak mountain and don't want to go far to drink or talk to girls – you need Phra Tam Nak Soi 5 street. Here you will find several bars and even Go Go.

Thappraya Rd, Jomtien

Street in Jomtien with bars. Close to Phra Tam Nak.

Soi Jomtien 7

Seventh Street on Jomtien is filled with bars.

Bun Kanchana Alley

Bun Kanchan Street is a busy road (it leads to the Sukhumvit highway), there are bars with girls and other establishments for adults.

SUPERTOWN Jomtien Walking Street

Another gay area is located in Jomtien.

Beaches of Pattaya

Pattaya stretches along the sea coastline. At any time, day or night, you can come to the beach and enjoy the sun or the romance of the night by the sea.

If you came to the sea during the day, then do not forget the sunscreen. And if you come in the evening or at night, then protect yourself from mosquitoes.

See also: New modern protection against mosquitoes while walking

You can buy a mat and relax on it for free.

Or you can rent a sun lounger under an umbrella. For details on this, see the article “Sunbeds on the coast of Pattaya: how much and how to use – all you need to know about renting sun loungers”.

You can bring your own food, buy it at a nearby 7-Eleven, or order it from sunbed owners. They also sell cold drinks, including beer.

Food from the menu will be prepared for you and delivered from the nearest restaurant.

And seafood and smoothies will be prepared right on the beach.

Shopping malls and markets in Pattaya

A more detailed map of shops, markets, and food fairs is in the article: Malls and markets in Pattaya

Ko Lan Island

See the article for details: Ko Lan island: a complete guide to getting there, beaches, what to see, transportation

Walking routes in Pattaya

Cheap hotels in Pattaya

Pattaya hotels and bungalows, both inexpensive and luxurious, you can find and book through the following search form.

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