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Why are there two types of 95 gasoline in Thailand? Which 95 gasoline to choose?

Expensive 95 petrol at Shell gas stations

Some gas stations in Thailand sell two types of gasoline. In Thai they are called:

  • เชลล์ ฟิวเซฟ แก๊สโซฮอล์ 95
  • เชลล์ วี-เพาเวอร์ แก๊สโซฮอล์ 95

In translation, this is approximately:

How to use the dashboard of a Honda Click motobike. How to set (change) the time on the Honda Click dashboard

The car panel is sometimes called the on-board computer, although its functionality is usually limited to diagnosing and displaying information about the condition of the car and calculating mileage and fuel consumption.

Honda Click motorcycles are equipped with a multi-function digital dash (more…)

How to lock a motorcycle brake without holding it with your hands

It happens that while driving a motorcycle, while standing and waiting for a green traffic light, you need to do some small things: for example, take your phone out of your pocket. Usually there is usually no difficulty in this. But only if you stopped not on the slope! On a slope, if you do not hold (more…)

How to start a motorcycle if the battery is dead (video and step-by-step instructions using the Honda Click as an example)

Where to repair a motorbike and a motorcycle in Pattaya

Modern motorcycles, at least from manufacturers like Honda, are very reliable and in the first three years the need to go to a service center arises only for an oil change.

But no one is immune from breakdowns. In this note, you will know where to turn if you have a motorcycle malfunction.

As (more…)

Where in Pattaya to inflate or change motorcycle tires

Where in Pattaya to inflate or change motorcycle tires

Motobike tires: where to pump air into the wheels, where to change tires

It is recommended to check the tire pressure from time to time. Tire leaks cause a motorcycle with half-flat tires to use more fuel and tire wear faster.

In (more…)