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How to start a motorcycle if the battery is dead (video and step-by-step instructions using the Honda Click as an example)

How to place a motorcycle on the center stand properly

What are the differences between the side stand and the center stand of a motorcycle?

Any motorcycle has a Side Stand and a Center Stand.

Usually, when parking a motorcycle, a side stand is used – it folds out easily and is familiar to many – even to owners of bicycles (more…)

How to start a Honda Click with alarm (Honda SMART Key System)

Moved from Honda Click 125i to Honda Click 160i – first impressions

I have already driven Honda Click 150i and Honda Click 160i motorcycles, but these were rental vehicles and at that time I was not very keen on their features. As for the Honda Click 150i, I didn’t even feel much difference compared to my Honda Click 125i – perhaps it’s all about (more…)

The cost of owning a motorbike in Thailand (ownership experience 4 years, 24 thousand km)

After refueling the motorcycle at a new gas station for me, it began to stall at idle. And sometimes even while driving.

The time for the next scheduled maintenance on the motorcycle (24 thousand km) was just right for me, and I decided to combine repair and maintenance.

In theory, (more…)

Where is the motocross track near Pattaya. Rent motocross bikes, ATV, Quad, Buggy in Pattaya

For myself, I divide auto and motorcycle sports lovers into 2 rather different groups:

  • speed lovers
  • off-road lovers

I consider myself a fan of speed: the accelerator to the max, controlled skidding in corners, maximum focus and reaction to events and situations that (more…)