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Where to get service and repair of a Honda motorcycle in Pattaya

There are workshops in Thailand, including Pattaya, where you can repair your motorcycle, change the oil and perform other service on your Honda motorcycle.

In addition to unofficial ones, there are also official Honda service centers, which are usually located right next to motorcycle shops.

Honda (more…)

Where to rent a Big Bike (powerful motorcycles from 300cc) in Pattaya

Big Bike is not for everyone. Even among the Thais, who for the most part are excellent motorcycle riders, I met those who said that they were afraid to drive a Big Bike.

Big Bike will not help you move faster in dense city traffic, on the contrary, you will not be able to maneuver between (more…)

Where to rent a motorbike in Pattaya, cost and rental conditions

What do the colors and letters at the crossroads in Pattaya and Thailand mean?

Now (2022) roads and sidewalks are being repaired very actively in Pattaya. It is also actively updated and new markup is applied.

Crossroads may be marked with green, red and yellow areas. Sometimes letters are drawn on before leaving the intersection – sometimes only Thai, sometimes (more…)

Honda Click 160i – is it worth buying a motorcycle with a more powerful engine

On a recent trip to northern Thailand, I drove a Honda Click 160i. In less than 3 days, I drove about 300 kilometers along the ideal and deserted roads of the Thai province.

Before that, I had already ridden a Honda Click 150i in Hua Hin.

But on a permanent basis, I have a Honda Click (more…)

How to protect your hands from tanning

First of all, this is a problem for motorcyclists – hands from the palms to just above the elbows tan and darken to a greater extent than the rest of the body. It doesn't turn out very pretty. And it seems that there are no special options, because due to the constant heat, a short-sleeved (more…)