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Peeled crab meat: where to buy and how much it costs

Crabs are delicious, but quite expensive seafood. On the beach, a plate of crabs or a seafood set including crabs can cost 500-1000 baht.

But the main annoying thing about crabs is the need to clean them and picking meat!

In the restaurant, which I talked about in the article (more…)

Where to throw garbage in condominiums and private homes in Thailand

Is it necessary to sort garbage in Thailand?

Near shops, as well as on beaches and other public places, you can see bins for certain types of garbage. These urns may have matching signatures and different colors.

Urns for bottles and plastic glasses may have appropriate slots.

In (more…)

P.O. box rental in Thailand

How to get a postal address in Thailand

When renting an apartment in Thailand, you also get a postal address that can be used for correspondence (letters) and parcels.

A mailbox is included with the rented apartment free of charge.

Usually mailboxes are located inside the building (more…)

How to enable international roaming in AIS

How to enable international roaming in TrueMove

How to enable international roaming in dtac