How to get an Education visa in Pattaya in 2022

How to apply for a student visa in Pattaya

In Thailand, you can legally live for years studying a particular foreign language. For the duration of the study, they give a visa, which is called:

  • NON “ED”
  • Education Visa
  • Student Visa

Prior to COVID-19, a student visa was one of the most convenient options to stay in Thailand for a year or more. During COVID-19 in Thailand, foreigners have extended their stay by 2 months as many times as they need. Currently, almost all visa schools are closed, but a new STV visa has appeared, which allows you to stay in Thailand for up to 270 days.

However, the STV visa has its own nuances, which are discussed in the note “Advantages and disadvantages of the Special Tourist Visa (STV) visa. How to get Thai STV”.

At the same time, an Education Visa, as before, allows you to stay in Thailand for years.

The coronavirus has changed a lot:

  • Most of the schools where you can get a student visa are currently simply closed.
  • Entry and exit to Thailand by land transport was closed until recently. It is currently open, but there are still restrictions and inconveniences. This is important because all collected documents, including a letter from the Thai Ministry of Education, must be taken to another country, for example, to Laos, in order to obtain the visa itself.

Which schools in Pattaya for a visa are open in 2022

In May 2022, Pro Language Pattaya launched the first streams of students to study Thai and English with the possibility of obtaining an educational visa.

PRO LANGUAGE School has branches in several regions of Thailand, including Pattaya and Bangkok.

How to get a Student Visa in Pattaya

To apply for a Student Visa in Pattaya in 2022, you must contact the Pro Language School (Pattaya Branch).

The conditions are as follows:

  • student visa term – 1 year
  • no departure from Thailand required

The full cost of a student visa for a year is 51,000 baht. This price includes:

  • 23000 baht tuition fee
  • 13,000 baht fee to change visa to ED
  • then during the year 3 payments of 5000 baht for visa extension

Is it expensive? It's up to you to decide. The cost has not changed over the past 10 years. You can pay attention to the fee of 13,000 baht for a visa change, but now you save on a trip to Laos. That is, nothing much has changed.

Email, in case you would like to receive information directly: pattaya@prolanguage.co.th

Official website: https://prolanguage.co.th/pattaya/

The visa process takes about 5 weeks.

In my case, everything went like this:

  • arriving in Thailand, while still in quarantine at the hotel, I contacted the school, made a payment (23,000 baht) and sent electronic copies of documents
  • then I made two extensions of stay in Thailand for 1 month each. For the first one I paid 1900 baht, the second one was free
  • immediately after receiving the second stamp for 1 month, I paid 13,000 baht at the school and they took my passport
  • a month later, the school returned my passport with a student visa.

You can learn Thai at school or learn English online.

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