Where to take visa photos, printouts and photocopies of documents in Pattaya

A small note about where in Pattaya to take photos for a visa and photocopies of documents, as well as print electronic files (for example, a plane ticket).

In Thailand, you can take ID photos, make a photocopy of documents or print electronic files in one place – in Kodak Express.

You can google the nearest Kodak Express to you, I will tell you about several such places in Pattaya, at least one of them is not on the map, but is in a convenient location – I hope this information will be useful to you.

Kodak Express Vanapon Digital on Central Pattaya Rd

This shop is located on Central Street, not far from ProLanguage School.

Photos for the visa were ready within 10 minutes.

You can also make photocopies or print documents.


Wichien Colorlab (Portrait studio) on Central Pattaya Rd

This store is located very close to the previous one – you need to go through several buildings in the direction of the sea.

If there is no photographer (nice girl) in Kodak Express Vanapon Digital, then go to Wichien Colorlab, there the photographer is a man of age. They also made a photocopy of the document and a printout of the file.


Central Color Lab and Print Service at Pattaya Second Road

Another store located very close to the previous two. Here you can take ID and visa photos, print files and photocopy documents.


S.R. Express on Soi Buakhao

There is another Kodak Express located on Soi Buakhao, which can be found on the map by the phrase “S.R. Express”.

Here you can also take pictures, make photocopies and print documents.

This store is located next to the Buakhouw clinic, which is convenient if you are collecting documents for obtaining a driver's license.

Address: 312/81 Soi Buakhao, Pattaya City


Kodak Express Digital Solutions in Jomtien

This store is suitable for those who are in Jomtien.

The peculiarity of this store is that it is very close to Chonburi Immigration Police. Therefore, if you forgot to make a photocopy of any document when you came to the Immigration Police, now you know where you can do it nearby.


Kodak shop on Thappraya Rd (Jomtien)

Kodak Jomtien Digital1 (Digital Service) is also located in Jomtien. In addition to photographing portraits, this store offers related services – laminating, creating calendars, and more.


Print Digital Express at Thep Prasit Rd

This store is for those closer to Thep Prasit road. The store is located near the Sukhumvit Road.

The peculiarity of the store is that if you search on a Google map for the phrase “Kodak Express”, the wrong location will be shown – there is a store on the map, but in reality it is not. The correct location will be shown if you search for “Print Digital Express”.


Thepprasit Photo on Thep Prasit Rd

A store where you can take photos for ID, visa, work permit and more. There is also photocopying and printing of documents. Unlike the previous one, this store, although also located on Thep Prasit Rd, is located closer to Thappraya Rd.


KODAK on Pattaya-Naklua (Northern Pattaya)

This store is located strongly in the north of Pattaya.


Map of Photo Workshops for portrait photos in Pattaya

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