Malls and markets in Pattaya

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1. Where to buy souvenirs, groceries and ready meals in Thailand

2. Map of malls, shops, and markets in Pattaya

3. Shopping malls in Pattaya

3.1 Central Festival

3.2 Terminal 21

3.3 Royal Garden Plaza

3.4 Villa Market

3.5 Central Marina

3.6 Makro Food Service

3.7 Big C Extra

3.8 Big C South Pattaya (Big C Supercenter)

3.9 Big C Supercenter

3.10 Lotus's

4. Cosmetics stores Pattaya

4.1 Pattaya Beauty (Central Pattaya)

4.2 Pattaya Beauty (South Pattaya)

5. Food fairs in Pattaya

5.1 Runway Street Food

5.2 Pattaya Park Night Market

5.3 Jomtien Night Market

5.4 The Big Market Jomtien

6. Markets Pattaya

6.1 BuaKhao Market (next to Central Festival)

6.2 Buakhao Market (near South Pattaya Rd)

6.3 Pattaya Night Bazaar

6.4 Thepprasit Night Market

6.5 Fruit market

6.6 Dreamer Market (night market outside Sukhumvit, next to Mini Siam)

6.7 Lan Pho Na Kluea Market (Naklua Seafood and Fish Market)

6.8 New Naklua Market

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Where to buy souvenirs, groceries and ready meals in Thailand

The following types of stores are common in Thailand:

  • shopping centers
  • chain stores 7-Eleven and Family Mart, Big C Mini, Tesco Lotus Express
  • markets and food fairs
  • specialty stores, e.g. cosmetics, electronics, gold
  • small private shops

Malls can also belong to one chain or another, such as Big C or Tesco Lotus. In this case, the “heart” of the shopping center is Big C or Tesco Lotus, but it also has a Food Court, banks, restaurants and other shops of a wide variety of goods. Malls under other names (for example, Central Festival, Central Marina, Terminal 21) are generally very similar, they also have many large and small shops, restaurants, bank branches, clinics and hairdressers, their own Food Court and cinema. Perhaps the main difference is the absence of Big C and Tesco Lotus in them.

Food courts are usually located on the Ground floor.

The 7-Eleven and Family Mart chains sell mostly prepared food, but also some other hot household items. Big C Mini and Tesco Lotus Express bear little resemblance to their big counterparts, they are small shops with food and other goods in demand in everyday life.

Markets in Thailand are quite common. These can be food fairs, seafood, fruit, or clothing markets. Quite often, all or several types of products are collected at once in one market. So don't be surprised if you see clothing stores at a food fair, or other food vendors at a seafood market.

Specialized stores can be located both in large malls and on the street. For example, you can buy gold jewelry or electronics both in shopping centers and in separate shops on the street.

Finally, small private shops usually have 1 or 2 salespeople. They can sell anything: fruits, eggs, groceries, goods for tourists from certain countries (for example, specialized stores for the Chinese).

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Map of malls, shops, and markets in Pattaya

Shopping malls in Pattaya

Marked with green markers on the map.

Central Festival

Large six-story shopping center. Officially called Central Pattaya, but the sign says Central Festival. Large shopping center on the beach in Central Pattaya. Perhaps this is the largest store in Pattaya, it is here that you will find branded clothes (for example, Zara).

Here are collected the central offices of all banks in Pattaya.

At Central Festival you will find popular restaurants and electronics stores.

Terminal 21

Pretty new mall. Notable for its design, creating the impression of traveling around the world. The floor change is presented as an arrival and departure at the airport.

Beautiful mall.

Here you can see the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, London Bridge and other sights.

An airplane is located near the shopping center.

Of course, this is a very atmospheric place.

Royal Garden Plaza

Busy mall with 2 famous museums, international chain stores and several cafes. Located near Central Festival, that is, on Beach Rd in Central Pattaya.

If you are tired of brands, and you want things cheaper, then go to this mall.

Villa Market

And this mall is also located near the Central Festival, on Pattaya Sai Song Rd (Pattaya Second Rd).

First of all, this is a grocery store, there are also quite a few other departments, for example, MR.DIY.

Central Marina

This mall is located near Terminal 21, but appeared earlier. For some time it was under reconstruction, but at the end of 2022 it started working again. This mall also has a cinema.

There is a small food fair in front of the entrance to the mall. You can order food and sit at cozy tables. On weekends there are concerts with live music.

Makro Food Service

This is not a mall, this is a very large grocery store and a variety of food.

The entire range is sold here: fruits, vegetables, seafood, frozen food, prepared meat products and raw meat, drinks, etc., as well as household chemicals.

This store is notable for the fact that prices for fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood and other food can be lower even than in the markets “from a farm”!

This is the cheapest place to buy fruits, vegetables and salmon. As well as other goods, especially small wholesale.

Located on North Pattaya Rd, near Sukhumvit Road.

Big C Extra

A two-story shopping center on Central Pattaya Rd. Quite a large grocery store with several restaurants, bank offices, electronics and gold stores.

The choice of food is quite large, the price is lower than in 7-Eleven.

Also in the range of household appliances and electronics, household chemicals and other household goods.

Big C Extra houses a huge HomePro – a store for home and renovation goods, as well as household appliances and furniture.

Big C South Pattaya (Big C Supercenter)

And another Big C, perhaps even larger than the previous one. Located in South Pattaya next to Sukhumvit Road.

Big C Supercenter

Another big Big C, adjacent to Central Marina.


This mall is located in North Pattaya. Of special signs: there is a large sporting goods store. Also here you will find products and other goods.

Cosmetics stores Pattaya

They are marked in red on the map.

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You can find cosmetics in any of the shopping centers listed above. But there are also specialized shops.

Prices in these stores for popular brands of cosmetics roughly correspond to prices in shopping centers.

As for less well-known manufacturers, the prices for their cosmetics may be lower.

Pattaya Beauty (Central Pattaya)

Shop on Central Pattaya Rd, opposite Big C Extra.

As a man, it is difficult for me to judge the assortment, but the women with whom I came here found quite a lot of interesting things for themselves.

Pattaya Beauty (South Pattaya)

The AXE and NIVEA products that I bought here are sold at the same prices as in other stores.

Cosmetics of lesser known brands may cost less.

Food fairs in Pattaya

They are marked with purple markers on the map.

Runway Street Food

The food fair is next to the airplane model, hence the name.

This market is located on Second Rd in Soi 6.

Here you can order food and drinks and sit at tables.

Pattaya Park Night Market

Busy market selling local produce, clothes, and accessories.

Located on the hills of Phra Tam Nak.

This is a nice and spacious food fair under an open space in what I would call the “Russian Quarter”.

Good selection of food, reasonable prices.

In addition to food, clothes and various goods for tourists are sold here.

I would like to note the tables and chairs – they are better and larger than in many other food fairs. Due to the large size of the market, there is also more space between tables.

Jomtien Night Market

Everything is the same: a food fair, tables, clothes, and goods for tourists, but in Jomtien.

The Big Market Jomtien

New food fair in Jomtien. Really big. Lots of variety of food and lots of tables where you can eat and relax.

According to the impression of my wife (I myself do not eat in such places), she really liked this place, better than Jomtien Night Market.

Markets Pattaya

They are marked with yellow markers on the map.

BuaKhao Market (next to Central Festival)

One of the two markets on Soi Buakhao, located next to the Central Festival.

A lively indoor and outdoor complex with stalls selling knick-knacks, groceries and a variety of street food.

Clothing market and food fair.

Not very big, but I like the choice of clothes. I mentioned this place in the article “Where to buy sexy clothes in Pattaya”.

Buakhao Market (near South Pattaya Rd)

The second market at Soi Buakhao, located next to South Pattaya Rd.

Clothing market, food fair and popular services – just like in many other markets.

Pattaya Night Bazaar

The market is located almost opposite the Central Festival on Second Rd.

A large number of pavilions with goods placed under one roof.

A large assortment sells a variety of souvenirs, trinkets and other goods aimed at tourists.

Thepprasit Night Market

This market is located on Thepprasit Rd (street between South Pattaya and Jomtien), not far from Sukhumvit Road.

It sells food, fruits, clothes, shoes, souvenirs, animals, food for animals and other things.

The market is not open every day. It definitely works on weekends, it seems to work on Thursdays and Fridays too.

Fruit market

Fruit market. It is here that the lowest price for some fruits. But some fruits are still cheaper in the Makro Food Service mentioned above.

Dreamer Market (night market outside Sukhumvit, next to Mini Siam)

Market behind Sukhumvit Road in North Pattaya.

This is primarily a market (not a food fair) as there are no tables to eat at.

In addition to food, clothes, shoes, household goods, plants for farmers are sold here.

Lan Pho Na Kluea Market (Naklua Seafood and Fish Market)

Seafood (and other food) market in North Pattaya.

Traditionally, it is believed that here the freshest and cheapest seafood. Makro Food Service can compete with this place both in terms of freshness and the price of seafood.

New Naklua Market

A new market for a wide variety of food, not far from Lan Pho Na Kluea Market (the previous seafood market).

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