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How to pay your water bill in Thailand

Where to get and pay your water bill in Thailand

With long-term rental apartments, as a rule, tenants pay bills for water and electricity.

The water bill arrives at the end of the month, usually on the 25th-26th. If your condominium has mailboxes, you will find your bills in the mailbox. (more…)

How to send money 💱 to Thailand 🇹🇭 (to Pattaya)

How to make a money transfer to Thailand

This note will tell you how to make a money transfer to Thailand with a minimum commission and how to send cheap international money transfers.

Now you can send money abroad, including to Thailand, in a few clicks. Transfers to foreign countries (more…)

Money in Thailand

The currency of Thailand is the Thai Baht.

You will see a currency conversion guide at the top left of every page which is very accurate and dynamic but is the forex rate so on the street you will get slightly less but it is a great guide.

It's worth hanging on to 5 and 10bt coins (more…)