Where to repair a motorbike and a motorcycle in Pattaya

Modern motorcycles, at least from manufacturers like Honda, are very reliable and in the first three years the need to go to a service center arises only for an oil change.

But no one is immune from breakdowns. In this note, you will know where to turn if you have a motorcycle malfunction.

As for the service and repair of a Big Bike (large motorcycles), a separate article will be devoted to them.

Repair and service at official dealers or in private workshops?

In Thailand, official dealers do not have the practice adopted in some countries to inflate the price several times. In Thailand, you can contact an authorized dealer and the price of repairs and maintenance will be about the same as in street workshops. Well, maybe a little more expensive.

If you want to undergo maintenance service, and you need the appropriate mark to be made in the motorcycle service book, then contact an authorized dealer.

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You can also be sure that the authorized dealer will have the necessary spare parts in stock.

Map of motorcycle and motorbike repair shops in Pattaya

Motorcycle repair shops in Pattaya

I have compiled a list of motorcycle repair shops in Pattaya for you and placed them on the map. In some of them I did maintenance or repaired a motorbike.

On the map, I conditionally divided the workshops into 2 groups:

  1. Motorcycle repair shops in Pattaya” are quite large workshops with a few employees and a large selection of spare parts. These are the ones I recommend you choose from.
  2. Smaller motorcycle repair shops” – all other places that may not have the right motorcycle spare part or that may be closed.

If you need to perform some simple procedure, such as changing the oil or changing tires on wheels, then perhaps this can be done at any of the listed places – just choose the nearest one.

Mityon (Official dealer of Honda and other motorcycles)

This is a service center that is located between Honda motorcycle shops and Honda Big Wing. Both of these stores are owned by Mityon, a fairly well-known company in Thailand that sells motorcycles from various manufacturers.

Here they have a large number of spare parts for various models of motorcycles.

First of all, here you can undergo scheduled maintenance, but also repair your motorbike.

Motorcycle repair near Big C Extra

When I had a tire problem, First I wanted to go to the Honda service center, but it turned out to be closed due to the New Year holidays.

I went to the nearest workshop which on the map I named “Motorcycle repair near Big C Extra”. I really liked this place – in the room you can see a huge number of boxes with spare parts. When choosing, I was asked if I wanted the original or a replica (cheaper). There are a few people who fix motorcycles and also an employee who speaks English well.

High workload is the best indicator of a well-chosen price and quality of work.

This workshop was already open at 8 am on a holiday – which for me was the reason for choosing it.

This workshop is on the map.

Motorcycle repair on Pattaya 3rd Rd

Not a very big motorcycle repair shop in the city center. I did not use her services, but as I drove by I saw, for example, oil and new motorcycle tires in packages.

Thai Service (Motorcycle repair)

Here you can change the oil, change tires, perform other types of repairs.

Located on Soi Buakhao.

Ball Motorcycle Repair

I have not been to this workshop either, but every day I drive past it – there is always a crowd of people. They are engaged in the repair and sale of spare parts for both ordinary motorbikes and large motorcycles.

Located in South Pattaya near the overpass.

Rod Motorcycle Rental Service and Repair

Repair shop with several employees on Phra Tam Nak hill.

United Auto Pattaya

In addition to repairing cars and paying transport tax, you can repair a motorbike here.

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