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New rules for entering Thailand from June 1, 2022. Cancellation of quarantine and testing

From June 1, 2022, quarantine and mandatory testing upon arrival in Thailand (Test & Go) have been canceled. However, foreigners planning to travel to Thailand still need to register on the Thai Pass website:

Foreign nationals arriving in Thailand by air and (more…)

From July 1, 2022, the mandatory wearing of masks will be canceled in Thailand

The official decision of the authorities of the Kingdom of Thailand has canceled the mandatory wearing of masks from July 2022.

Until that time, wearing masks was mandatory on the streets, in shops, hotels, even on beaches.

The strictest rule for wearing masks was observed in Bangkok, (more…)

Badminton courts in Pattaya. Where to buy badminton equipment in Pattaya

Badminton is a dynamic and exciting game in which your success depends on reaction speed, endurance, the ability to correctly determine the location of objects in space and calculate their trajectory.

In terms of energy consumption, badminton is close to running.

Unlike running, social (more…)

How to protect your hands from tanning

First of all, this is a problem for motorcyclists – hands from the palms to just above the elbows tan and darken to a greater extent than the rest of the body. It doesn't turn out very pretty. And it seems that there are no special options, because due to the constant heat, a short-sleeved (more…)

Gyms in Pattaya

In this note, I have collected all the gyms in Pattaya that are open as of 2022. I visited and found out the cost both for a separate lesson and for subscriptions for a month, a year and other periods.

I have collected all the working gyms in Pattaya on one map to make it easier for you to (more…)

Park for walking and running in Pattaya – Hat Krathing Lai Seashore Park

Pattaya is one of the most pedestrian-unfriendly cities I've been to. With all the development of the roads of Pattaya, this city does not imply long walks.

Yes, there are several pedestrian streets and even small parks. But the streets are too crowded and the parks are too small.

Few (more…)