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Doi Daeng Viewpoint: free rest area on the border of Sukhothai and Phrae

Doi Daeng Viewpoint is a small rest area on a mountain road. Almost literally “in the middle of Nowhere”. By the way, I almost ran out of gas there (again) – I was saved by a self-service pump, which I found in a small village with the help of Google Map and (to a greater extent) (more…)

Phuket: the largest and most popular tourist island in Thailand

Where to buy dark beer in Pattaya and Thailand

“Don't drink water (fish have sex in it) – drink beer!”

(opinion of a neighbor in the 9 Karat condominium, where I lived for about two years, but never saw this neighbor sober)

In the tourist areas of Thailand there is a fairly good variety of Western goods: milk (more…)

What is Decaf coffee? Decaffeinated coffee in Thailand

What is Decaf coffee

Decaf is short for “Decaffeinated”. Both of these terms refer to coffee without caffeine.

To be more precise, it is not possible to completely get rid of caffeine, but it is possible to reduce its content by 94% to 98%. Typically, decaffeinated (more…)

Where to play beach volleyball in Pattaya

Pattaya beaches