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Where to go if you get sick in Thailand: a pharmacy as an alternative to hospitals

In Thailand, pharmacies are not only places where you can buy medicines. Pharmacy workers are often highly skilled and can diagnose based on symptoms and prescribe medication immediately.

It is a common practice in Thailand when you come to a pharmacy not only to buy a certain medicine, but (more…)

Lactose free milk in Thailand

Why diarrhea and gas after milk

Lactose is a type of carbohydrate. Like sucrose (the common sugar that we add to tea and coffee), lactose belongs to the group of disaccharides, that is, it consists of two sugar molecules. But if sucrose consists of residues of glucose and fructose, then the (more…)

Sunbeds on the coast of Pattaya: how much and how to use – all you need to know about renting sun loungers

Along Pattaya Beach Rd, as well as Jobtien Beach Rd, there are many umbrellas and sun loungers (sunbeds) under them. The owners of these places invite you to come and settle down on them.

Perhaps you have wondered how much it costs to rent a sunbed on the coast of Pattaya? Do I have to pay (more…)

Where to go if you get sick in Pattaya. Pattaya hospitals

I got a little sick – this was the reason for writing this note.

Is medicine cheap in Thailand?

In Thailand, medicine can be divided into:

  • public
  • private

In public clinics, Thais are treated cheaply or free of charge. There are also paid services (more…)

Natural mineral water in Thailand

Drinking water in Thailand, regardless of brand, can be divided into two groups:

  • obtained by purification (usually a combination of reverse osmosis, ultraviolet irradiation and ozone treatment)
  • natural mineral water

Purified water (if you buy on tap) costs 1 baht per (more…)

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