Where to rent a Big Bike (powerful motorcycles from 300cc) in Pattaya

Big Bike is not for everyone. Even among the Thais, who for the most part are excellent motorcycle riders, I met those who said that they were afraid to drive a Big Bike.

Big Bike will not help you move faster in dense city traffic, on the contrary, you will not be able to maneuver between cars or on the side of the road, leaving in the first row at the traffic lights, as drivers of ordinary motorbikes do.

In general, Big Bike is for those who understand exactly what they are doing and why they need a Big Bike. For the vast majority of those who want to rent a motorbike in Thailand, I would recommend ordinary motorbikes with engines from 110i to 160i, which, by the way, is quite a lot!

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By the way, shopping centers in Thailand provide separate parking spaces for Big Bikes, along with separate parking lots for motorcycles and cars.

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Map of Big Bikes for rent in Pattaya:

Swiss Bike Pattaya motorbike rentals

A large motorbike rental shop near the intersection of Pattaya 3rd Rd and South Pattaya Rd.

Most motorbikes are new or 1-3 years old.

Motorbikes are rented for a period of three or more days.

You can pre-book a motorbike.

You can also order the delivery of a motorbike to your place of residence.

The cost of renting motorbikes:

Moto Price per day  Price for 7 days Price for 14 days Price for 30 days

HONDA CB 300cc


650 per day

3500 (500 per day)

6300 (450 per day)

9990 (335 per day)

HONDA FORZA 350cc Model 2022

YAMAHA X MAX 300cc Model 2021

YAMAHA ADV 350cc Model 2022

750 per day

4550 (650 per day)

8400 (600 per day)

14700 (490 per day)

YAMAHA TMAX 530 IRONMAX ***** per day

9800 (1400 per day)

14000 (1000 per day)

19500 (650 per day)

YAMAHA TMAX 560 TECH MAX ***** per day

13650 (1950 per day)

19600 (1400 per day)

29550 (985 per day)

Opening hours: daily, 10AM–7PM

Phone: 0989672774

Website: http://www.swiss-bike.com/

There is an additional service: storage of your motorcycles and cars with a guarantee of safety and care, including keeping the batteries charged.

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Speed Bike motorbikes rental Pattaya

Salon for renting motorbikes in South Pattaya.

Motorcycle and scooter rental rates including Thai government insurance.

All scooters come with 2 helmets and full petrol.

The cost of renting motorcycles (data could be outdated):

Moto Price per day Price for 7 days Price for 14 days Price for 28 days
Honda ADV 350 790 per day

4500 (640 per day)

8000 (570 per day)

14000 (500 per day)

Opening hours: 9AM–8PM

Phone: 0800475090

Email: speedbikepattaya@gmail.com

Line ID: speedbikepattaya

Whatsapp: +66800475090

Website: https://www.speedbikepattaya.com

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/speed.bike.pattaya.thailand

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Abu Laila Motor Bike For rent

Initially, this motorbike rental shop was located on Walking Street Pattaya. It has now moved to the Walking Street neighborhood and is on the same street as the VC Hotel.

Examples of new arrivals in 2022:

  • Yamaha MT-15
  • Kawazaki 650cc

Of course, there are also less powerful and cheaper motorbikes.

Opening hours: 9AM–8PM

Phone: 0896020846

Website: https://abu-laila-motor-bike-for-rent.business.site

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Rent Motorbike near Phra Tamnak

Requirements for tenants and their documents.

  • To rent a motorcycle, you must have a passport with a valid visa. (You provide the original document, and only copies remain in the office).
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.


  • You will pay the cost of renting a motorbike in cash, at the office, when concluding a rental agreement.
  • When renting sports motorcycles with a volume of more than 300 cc, a passport or $500 deposit is taken as a deposit. The cost of renting a motorbike depends on the number of days. The more days, the cheaper the rental price. When paying for 2 months or more, a special price applies.
  • If the motorcycle is returned before the deadline specified in the rental agreement, the amount of money for unused rental days is not refundable.
  • If you return the motorcycle later than the time specified in the contract without prior agreement, you will pay a fine in the amount of the daily rent for each day.

The cost of renting motorbikes (the price may vary depending on the season):

Model 1 day 3 days 7 days 1 month 2 months 3 months
Honda Forza 300 900 ฿ 1800 ฿ 3600 ฿ 9000 ฿ 16000 ฿ 22500 ฿
Honda Forza 300cc 2020 1200 ฿ 2400 ฿ 4800 ฿ 12000 ฿ 22000 ฿ 31500 ฿
Kawasaki ER-6 N 1500 ฿ 3000 ฿ 6000 ฿ 15000 ฿ 26000 ฿ 36000 ฿
Kawasaki Z800 2000 ฿ 4000 ฿ 8000 ฿ 20000 ฿ 36000 ฿ 51000 ฿

Opening Hours: 10AM–6PM

Website: https://rentmotorbike.org

Phone: 0885205496

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Motorbike for Rent, Bearch road, next to McDonald's

Near McDonald's, on both sides of 13/2 Street, there are many motorbikes with a “For rent” sign.

Among them are Big Bikes (large powerful motorcycles).

Phone: 0818623391

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Motorbike for Rent, Bearch road, next to Maharaja

Turning off Beach Rd onto 13/4 Street, next to the Maharaja restaurant and bar, there are many motorbikes, including Big Bikes, with a “For rent” sign.

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