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The cost of owning a motorbike in Thailand (ownership experience 4 years, 24 thousand km)

After refueling the motorcycle at a new gas station for me, it began to stall at idle. And sometimes even while driving.

The time for the next scheduled maintenance on the motorcycle (24 thousand km) was just right for me, and I decided to combine repair and maintenance.

In theory, (more…)

Where is the motocross track near Pattaya. Rent motocross bikes, ATV, Quad, Buggy in Pattaya

For myself, I divide auto and motorcycle sports lovers into 2 rather different groups:

  • speed lovers
  • off-road lovers

I consider myself a fan of speed: the accelerator to the max, controlled skidding in corners, maximum focus and reaction to events and situations that (more…)

How to get to Sattahip from Pattaya by public transport

Sattahip is a small city south of Pattaya (in the opposite direction from Bangkok). Sattahip has a beautiful park for recreation and sports, a promenade with a food fair, and beaches. There is a ferry from Sattahip to Ko Samae San (Samae San Island), but there are restrictions for foreigners, that (more…)

Why are high hatches on the roads in Thailand?

On the road, especially in the process of being repaired, you could see hatches like this, which are clearly higher than the road level and clearly pose a danger to any vehicle.

In order for the road to receive the title of the most dangerous, the same high hatches for pedestrians are made (more…)

Helmet with clear visor and retractable sunglasses

What is the best helmet, with a transparent or darkened visor?

The visor (shield) of the helmet can be darkened or transparent. A tinted visor will make driving more comfortable during the day, but at night (and also in very cloudy weather) you will have to drive with the visor open and, accordingly, (more…)

How to get from Bangkok to Pattaya by bus