How to lock sliding doors (photo and video)

Sliding doors can meet in different places. For example, in condominiums – there they can lead to a balcony or serve as interior doors. I also met sliding doors in a bungalow – here they can serve as an entrance door or also lead to a balcony.

I remember how I was baffled by an ordinary-looking lock: for a long time I tried to lock it from the outside by turning the key in the keyhole. But the door-lock categorically did not want to be locked. It was the front door to my rental apartment, so I couldn't just leave it open. Everything turned out to be quite simple: I need to press the button, which is located on the inside of the room, and then close the door. The door-lock became locked. It's pretty self-explanatory, especially since I've already locked this lock with the push of a button while I was inside.

In the very apartment in which I could not lock the lock without outside help, there were sliding doors. I do not remember whether I locked them or not, but in any case they led to the balcony.

Doors with electronic locks also made me wonder how to lock such a door from the inside.

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This is a short note on how to lock and unlock sliding doors.

Sliding door example:

These doors move from the center of the passage to its edges. There may be options: the doors move from the wall to the center of the passage. They are locked in a similar way, just remember that doors that open moving away from the wall must have two locks – on different sides on each of the doors.

So, first of all, close the doors tightly together. If the door lock is close to a wall, press the door firmly against the wall accordingly.

Now move up the lever that is hidden in one of the door handles.

The inscription “Locked” should become visible on the lever.

Be sure to check if the doors are really locked! The fact is that if the doors adjoin each other (or to the wall) loosely, then the lever will rise to the “Locked” position, but the doors will still remain open.

To unlock the door, just push the lever down.

From the outside, the sliding doors are locked by turning the key.

But again, close the doors tightly against each other (or against the wall), and then be sure to check if the door is really locked.

Video how to lock the sliding door:

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