How to rent an apartment in Pattaya

How to rent an apartment in Thailand

If you try to search Google for “rent an apartment in Pattaya”, then it is likely that you will stumble upon one of the ad aggregator sites, or an agency site. I have had both negative and positive experiences of searching for apartments for rent through Google: I found and lived in apartments for a long period of time, but I also came across agencies that convinced me that the apartments I was interested in were no longer available for rent and as alternatives offered both inconvenient and expensive options.

In general, I was disappointed in the work of agencies and similar sites where they publish advertisements for renting apartments that do not belong to them.

In this article, I will look at four ways to search for apartments for rent, which will help you find the right accommodation in Pattaya with a minimum of intermediaries and overpayments.

1. Find an apartment to rent in Pattaya on Facebook

In previous years and at the time of writing (2022) in Thailand, Facebook remains the most effective way to place or find an ad for a service or product.

On Facebook, you can find ads for renting apartments directly from the owners, or from agencies that work directly with the owners.

It is through Facebook that you can most quickly sell a car or other property, as well as rent an apartment.


2. Ads in condominiums

This method is suitable for those who have already decided on a condominium in which they want to live, or at least with a residential area in Pattaya. Your personal presence in the city is also required.

Many condominiums have bulletin boards for apartment owners selling or renting out apartments.

Here you will find offers that may not be available online.

Among these offers there is a chance to find the best price.

In addition, you can personally inspect the apartment and make sure that this is exactly what you need.

3. Advertisements in shopping malls

In shopping centers, for example, in Big C Extra, you can find a stand with advertisements for the sale and rental of apartments from the owners.

This is where you can find great deals.

In Big C Extra, the advertisement booth is located on the ground floor on the way to the restrooms.

4. Airbnb

Airbnb is a popular site that should probably be number one. But the fact is that I used all the methods listed above and I have a positive experience in renting apartments at a bargain price. Of course, I also looked for offers on Airbnb, but after direct offers from apartment owners, Airbnb seems overpriced to me.

Website: https://www.airbnb.com/

Airbnb pros:

1. You can search for an apartment online

2. Very large selection

3. Reviews of real clients who rented an apartment before you

Airbnb cons:

1. Airbnb commissions and cleaning prices make prices higher than direct offers from owners on average

2. Airbnb intentionally slightly distorts the real location of the rented apartment, so if the owner did not directly indicate the name of the condominium, it is impossible to understand in which building and condominium the apartment is located


So, if you are going to Pattaya for a couple of weeks, then perhaps the ideal option for you would be to search for an apartment rental on Airbnb.

If you are looking for renting an apartment at the lowest price without overpayments to intermediaries, then even before arriving in Pattaya, you can search for offers on Facebook. If you are already in the city, then you can find the most profitable options using the first three methods.

By the way, with the owners of apartments found on Airbnb, you can try to negotiate a long-term lease on more favorable terms for you. At the very least, you can try after the first month of your Airbnb rental.

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