Khao Chi Chan: a huge Buddha image on the mountain (photos and video)

Mount Khao Chi Chan has a huge Buddha image engraved on it.

This monument is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the reign of King Rama IX of Thailand.

Khao Chi Chan is located in the suburbs of Pattaya. Tourists are brought here by bus. You can also come here by car or motorbike.

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Entrance to this attraction is free.

The Buddha image is huge and amazing.

A small park has been created around the mountain with places for meditation and relaxation.

And in front of the mountain there is a decorative pond.

Video of a huge Buddha image at Khao Chi Chan.

Commemorative plaque describing the value of the creation of this monument.

Letters Khao Chi Chan close-up.

Another commemorative plaque in different languages.

Mount Khao Chi Chan on the map.

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