Where in Pattaya to inflate or change motorcycle tires

Where in Pattaya to inflate or change motorcycle tires

Motobike tires: where to pump air into the wheels, where to change tires

It is recommended to check the tire pressure from time to time. Tire leaks cause a motorcycle with half-flat tires to use more fuel and tire wear faster.

In addition, repeated air leaks are a signal that something is wrong with the tire.

For example, in the cover photo for this article, you can see a crack on the side of the tire. Despite its terrifying appearance, the tire did not deflate completely. And after pumping at a nearby workshop, I drove my wife to work and completed a few other things before returning to the workshop for repairs. But, of course, driving on such a tire is highly discouraged and just dangerous. And the signal to look for problems, after which I noticed this crack, was that the tire noticeably blew air.

In general, check your tire pressure from time to time and inspect them visually. A motorcycle tire bursting at high speed can bring a lot of trouble…

By the way, it is also not recommended to inflate tires beyond the recommended pressure. From this they become very hard and there is a feeling that you are moving on wooden wheels. And, most importantly, on inflated above the recommended pressure tires, the braking distance increases. However, workshops and service centers usually do not care much about tire pressure and pump air to the maximum.

Map of places where you can pump up and change motorcycle tires in Pattaya

Where to change motorcycle tires in Pattaya. How much does it cost to change tires

You can change tires at motorcycle repair shops. On the map, they are placed on the “Motorcycle repair shops in Pattaya” layer.

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Most workshops, even small ones, always have new motorcycle tires (and also have oil) in stock. That is, you can repair a wheel, change a tire, in any nearest workshop.

The cost of changing a tire (including labor) for a Honda Click 125i motorcycle:

  • rear wheel: original tire 900 baht, non-original 600 something baht
  • front wheel: original tire 750 baht

Honda Click 125i is sold with IRC tires, which means that these tires are considered original for it.

Now they mainly use tubeless tires, including the Honda Click 125.

The mechanic offered a choice of original tires and, as he put it, “copy”. I chose original.

The price for the tires already included the price of the job.

I have driven a car for many years and I know that on a car it is desirable to change tires together and use tires of the same model. The mechanic said it was not necessary for the motorcycle. But since my tires were bald, I decided to change both at once.

By the way, the Honda Click 125i motorcycle tires lasted me 3.5 years and 18,000 km.

My motorcycle with new tires:

Where to inflate motorcycle tires in Pattaya

Motorcycle repair shops, which were mentioned just above, have a tire inflation compressor. Therefore, to inflate a flat tire, you can contact any workshop. They usually inflate tires for free, but they can charge a nominal fee of 10 baht.

But the most popular place to check tire pressure, as well as to inflate wheels, are gas stations. On the map, they are on the “Gas stations” layer.

All gas stations have a compressor for checking the pressure and pumping the wheels of cars and motorcycles.

You can pump up the wheels and check the tire pressure at all gas stations absolutely free of charge.

Sometimes I came across such compressors in parking lots in shopping centers, for example, in Hua Hin. But, for example, in Pattaya, I have never seen tire inflation devices in shopping centers.

What does a compressor for pumping wheels and checking pressure look like

Wheel inflation compressors look different at different gas stations. In addition, there is no employee next to them, and the compressors themselves are usually hidden in the far corner of the gas station. For your eyeballs, I prepared some photos of tire inflation machines at various gas stations. They can be used to check tire pressure and inflation on both cars and motorcycles.

How to use a tire compressor

0. First you need to know the recommended tire pressure for your motorcycle. Moreover, the pressure for the front and rear wheels is different.

For example, for the Honda Click 125i, the following tire pressures are recommended:

  • for front wheel: 29 psi
  • for rear wheel: 33 psi

You also need to know that this is the pressure for cold tires. That is, measuring tire pressure after a long trip is not entirely correct.

1. Use the “-” and “+” buttons to select the desired pressure.

2. Take the hose, remove the cap from the nipple.

3. Connect the hose to the tire.

4. Wait until the air is pumped. The compressor should beep.

5. Return the hose to its place, put the cap on the nipple.

Repeat these steps for the second wheel – be sure to set the recommended pressure.

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