How to use the dashboard of a Honda Click motobike. How to set (change) the time on the Honda Click dashboard

The car panel is sometimes called the on-board computer, although its functionality is usually limited to diagnosing and displaying information about the condition of the car and calculating mileage and fuel consumption.

Honda Click motorcycles are equipped with a multi-function digital dash display. The functions are similar to the on-board computer: showing the status of the motorbike using indicators, as well as mileage and fuel consumption.

There are only two buttons on the Honda Click dashboard: “Select” and “Set”.

What do the indicators and numbers on the Honda Click dashboard mean?

The dashboard of a motorcycle is very informative.

The areas of the display are indicated by numbers, followed by an explanation of each number.

1. Indicators for turning on turning lights, high beam and Idle stop; as well as some other indicators.

2. Fuel level in the gas tank.

3. Current motorcycle speed.

4. Current time

5. By default, this row shows the motorcycle's total mileage. Also, depending on the settings, it may show: Trip A length/Trip B length/Fuel consumption (km/l) per trip A/Battery terminal voltage.

6. Fuel consumption (km/l) at the moment.

7. “Select” and “Set” buttons.

What the Honda Click dashboard “Select” and “Set” buttons do

The “Select” button cycles through the display:

  • Total motorcycle mileage
  • Trip A length
  • Trip B length
  • Fuel consumption (km/l) per trip A
  • Battery terminal voltage

The “Set” button, when switching to the “Trip A length” or “Trip B length” modes, resets the kilometer counter.

In other modes, the “Set” button does not perform any functions.

Simultaneously pressing and holding the “Select” and “Set” buttons activates the “Setup” mode.

In “Setup” mode, the “Select” button cycles through:

  • Clock setting
  • Minute setting
  • Setting the mileage to display an “Oil Change” warning

And the “Set” button changes the selected value. For example, adding hours or minutes.

How to measure travel distance

If you want to check the distance to your work or store, how much you have traveled in a day, how much you have traveled while traveling to a neighboring city or in 1 week, then you can measure it using the Honda Click dashboard.

In addition to the obvious option: remember the mileage of the motorcycle at the beginning of the trip, and then subtract this number from the new mileage at the end of the trip, there is a more convenient way.

Press the “Select” button, and you will enter the “Trip A length” mode.

With the “Set” button you can reset the mileage.

If you want to measure the length of the trip, then you can leave the information about it on the screen, or switch to any other mode. Even if “Trip A length” is not currently selected on the screen, the motorcycle still counts the kilometers you have traveled.

There is also a “Trip B length” mode that works similarly. To switch to it, press the “Select” button again.

Regardless of the mode selected on the screen, the kilometers you have driven are added to both counters. That is, it makes no sense to reset the counters at the same time – in this case they will simply show the same value.

You can use, for example, the “Trip A length” mode to measure how many kilometers you have traveled during the month, and the “Trip B length” mode to measure the length of a particular trip, or how many kilometers you have traveled during the day.

How to find out the average consumption of gasoline. How many kilometers can a Honda Click travel on one liter of gasoline?

To view the average fuel consumption in km/l, press the “Select” button again.

In ideal conditions, you can drive up to 80 km on 1 liter of gasoline. Ideal conditions mean cruising speed in the region of 60-80 km/h and driving without sudden braking and acceleration.

The gas consumption is shown for trip A. If you reset the mileage counter for trip A, the gas mileage counter is also reset.

How to find out the voltage at the Honda Click battery terminals. How to check the operation of the Honda Click generator

To view the voltage at the Honda Click battery terminals, press the “Select” button again.

To check the operation of the generator, start the engine. The voltage should increase. This means that the generator is working properly.

How to set (change) the time on the Honda Click dashboard

To set the time in Honda Click, press and hold the “Select” and “Set” buttons at the same time.

When the time starts flashing, press the “Set” button once. Use the “Select” button to set the hours.

Then press the “Set” button again. When the minutes start flashing, use the “Select” button to set the minutes. To quickly add minutes, press and hold the “Select” button.

When finished, press the “Select” button three times to exit “Setup” mode. Or turn off the ignition.

Video how to set the time on a motorcycle Honda Click

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