P.O. box rental in Thailand

How to get a postal address in Thailand

When renting an apartment in Thailand, you also get a postal address that can be used for correspondence (letters) and parcels.

A mailbox is included with the rented apartment free of charge.

Usually mailboxes are located inside the building next to the Juristic Person of the condominium. On the first floor next to the lobby or in another place that is publicly accessible to all residents, but usually inaccessible to third-party passers-by.

Perhaps for some reason you are not satisfied with the mailbox in the condominium. For example, you rent an apartment without mailboxes, or you live in a hotel. Perhaps your condominium does not have mailboxes or you are worried about the security of letters. Perhaps you want to receive letters and parcels without informing the rest of the tenants of your apartment.

In some of these situations (for example, the absence of mailboxes in the apartment), the postman will leave the letters addressed to you in the lobby.

In any case, you may want to consider renting a mailbox.

P.O. box in Thailand. Rent of mailboxes at the post office

A PO box (also called a post office box, P.O. box, postal box) is a mailbox for letters and small packages, which is located in the post office.

In Thailand, P.O. box rental is called P.O. box service.

By renting a P.O. box, you get a stable postal address that will not change even if you change your place of residence or even leave Thailand for a while.

When renting a PO box, you will be given a key to it. You can pick up your correspondence and parcels during the working hours of the post office.

To rent a P.O. box in Thailand, please contact the post office.

Usually post offices in Thailand are decorated with red.

How much does it cost to rent a P.O. box in Thailand

Renting a PO box at the post office costs 500 baht per year.

In some post offices, all PO boxes may already be occupied. In this case, just contact the neighboring post office.

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