How to use Key Cards

What is a Key Card

A key card is a small plastic card that can be used in place of a door key, with magnetically encoded data that can be read and processed by an electronic device.

The key card is also used to open the barrier to enter the condominium or to open the door to enter the condominium building. And the key card is used in elevators.

Key cards are not implemented in all condominiums, but I have noticed a trend that doors and barriers at the entrance to the territory of the condominium or to its building are equipped with appropriate devices, even in older condos that were built before the existence of this technology. That is, key cards are becoming more and more widespread.

Sometimes condominiums are limited to using key cards only to enter the territory of the condo, or only in elevators. Sometimes these levels of protection are combined.

As for the key cards for locking the doors, it usually depends on the owner of the apartment. An electronic lock that can be opened with a password or a key card can be installed in any door – at the request of the owner of the apartment. By the way, I also saw the opposite trend – some owners, not trusting electronic devices, change electronic locks to ordinary ones, opened with ordinary keys.

This photo is an example of a key card.

Different condominiums may use key cards from the same (or different) manufacturers. That is, the key card brand is not tied to a specific condo. Key cards differ in the information recorded on them (each card has a unique identifier).

Where to get a key card

If you rent an apartment, the owner of the apartment must give you one or two key cards. Of course, provided that the condominium uses them and/or an electronic lock is installed in the door.

If you are an apartment owner and your key card is lost or damaged, you can contact the Condominium management company (Condominium Juristic Person).

If you have at least one key card left, you can make duplicates at the appropriate masters.

How to open a door with a key card

Bring the key card to the image of the card on the electronic lock.

After that, the electronic lock will emit a sound signal and show an animation, as well as unlock the door.

Remember that the digital lock can also be opened with a password. But if you rent an apartment, then the owner may not tell you this password.

How to lock a door with an electronic lock. How to lock a door with a key card

The digital door locks automatically.

That is, yes, if you went out “literally for a minute” and slammed the door, then the key card should be with you, since the door will be automatically locked.

Also on the inside of the electronic lock there is a button that can be used to lock the door (usually this is not required, since the door locks automatically).

If the door is not properly closed, or for any other reason the lock cannot be locked, you will hear a loud and unpleasant beep that will repeat until the problem is resolved.

That is, neither the inside nor the outside of the digital lock requires any action to lock the door. The digital lock locks automatically every time.

By the way, remember that digital locks can be opened with a password. For example, on this digital lock, the manufacturer wrote down the default password (“1234”) on the outside! In general, do not forget to change the default password if you have set a digital lock.

How to use the key card in the elevator

In some condominiums, it is not possible to use the elevator without using a key card.

In the elevator, touch the key card to the reader, and then press the button with the number of the floor you want to go to.

Without a key card, you can always go down to the Ground Floor, but it is impossible to go up to any other.

In elevators with a key card, the following rules usually work:

  • without a key card, anyone can go down to the Ground floor (usually this is a parking lot)
  • key card holders can access 2 floors in the building: firstly, this is the floor where their apartment is located; secondly, this is the floor where the condominium management company is located, the lobby (for example, this is the first floor)

How to enter the building using a key card

Find the key card reader, lean the key card against it and wait for the barrier (or door) to open.

After that, go inside.

How to leave the building with a key card

Find the key card reader, lean the key card against it and wait for the barrier (or door) to open.

After that, go outside.

What if I need to get into a friend's condominium and I don't have a key card

Many condominiums have a security guard who can let you in.

Or ask your friend to come down and let you in.

Why the key card does not work to open the barrier (door) to enter the building

The key card can be blocked by the condominium administration.

Also, a new key card will not work until it is registered to you in the condominium system.

In any case, if you cannot enter the condominium with your key card, you need to contact the Condominium management company (Condominium Juristic Person).

Moreover, there are options when the key card does not open the barrier, but still works in elevators.

Can key cards be added to the door lock?

Yes, you can register a large number of key cards for your digital lock. How to do this, read the instructions for your electronic lock.

To register new key-cards, you need to know the master password for your electronic lock.

Please note that you do not need to contact the Condominium Management Company to register the key cards in the digital lock – you can do it yourself. The management company cannot block the key card from opening the door to your apartment, since digital locks are isolated from any systems.

But if you have bought a new key card, and after registering it for the door lock, you want to use it in elevators and to open the barrier, you need to contact the Management Company for this.

How to unregister a key card for a door lock or condominium entrance

To cancel the registration of a key card in a digital lock, refer to the instructions for your lock.

To prohibit the use of a key card to enter the condominium, contact the Management Company of your condo.

Is it possible to make a copy (duplicate) of the card key?

From a practical (and not legal) point of view, you can make a duplicate key card. At least I have seen stores that offer this service.

This store is located at the intersection of Central Pattaya Rd and Soi Paniad Chang.

Store location:

I have nothing to do with this store and have not even applied to it, so I do not know the details. I just saw this store when I passed by. If you want to share the location of similar stores, you can do it in the comments.

What should I do if I forgot my key card in the apartment?

If you left the apartment without a key card and cannot return because the lock is locked behind you automatically, then you need to contact the owner of the apartment or the agency through which you rented the apartment.

The electronic lock without a key card can be opened with a password.

Apart from the password and card key, electronic locks have regular keys like any other locks. The owner must have these ordinary keys and he can use them to open the apartment without a key card.


So, the same key-card can be used to:

  • get into the building
  • take the elevator
  • open the door lock

At the same time, the door lock is in no way connected with the condominium system, which is responsible for opening the barrier.

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