Map of tuk-tuks (songthaew) in Hua Hin

Which is correct: tuk-tuk or songthaew?

Let's start with terminology. Strictly speaking, a pickup truck converted into a small regular bus is a songthaew (literally meaning “two benches” in Thai). As for the tuk-tuk, this three-wheeled vehicle, also with two benches, is common in the Thai province, as well as in large cities as a taxi.

At the same time, even locals often call songthaew tuk-tuks. That is, speaking of tuk-tuks in this article, we mean songthaew.

Are there tuk tuks in Hua Hin

Not all Thai cities have tuk tuks (songthaew). Although Hua Hin is a small resort town stretched along the sea with virtually one main road, it was lucky – in this city there are tuk-tuks.

Since there is only one main road, there is only one tuk-tuk route. But since all the most visited places are along it, this songthaew route is enough.

Tuk-tuks are the most convenient transport (after a personal motorcycle) in Hua Hin, since taxi services in this city are rather underdeveloped.

Map of tuk tuks in Hua Hin

This map shows the tuk tuk routes in Hua Hin.

The main tuk-tuk route in Hua Hin runs in a circle from the Night Market to Khao Takiab and back. The fare for this route is 10 baht. The interval between tuk-tuks is approximately 15 minutes. Around 7-8 pm, tuk-tuks stop running.

In addition to the main route, there is also a route to Hua Hin Airport. Some tuk-tuks, after arriving at the Night Market, continue to the airport, in which case the cost of the trip is 20 baht.

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