Online notification of staying in Thailand over 90 days

Table of contents

1. What is 90-Day Report

2. Who should do the notification of staying over 90 days

3. When to do a 90 Days Report

4. Notification of staying over 90 days is NOT a visa extension and does not replace a visa extension in any way

5. What is the responsibility if you do not complete the 90 Days Report

6. How can I make a 90 Days Report

7. How to submit a 90 Days Report online

8. How to enter an address in TM.47 form

9. Why does the site https://tm47.immigration.go.th/tm47 not accept the name of the city or area

10. Confirmation of 90-day report

11. How to check the status of notification of staying over 90 days

12. What to do if I made a mistake in the 90 Days Report when sending data online

13. 90 days report approval

14. Things to remember when submitting an online 90 Days Report

15. Do I need to do a 90 Days Report when extending a visa? From what date should 90 days be counted when extending a visa – from the last 90 Days Report or from receiving a new stamp?

What is 90-Day Report

Officially this is called “notification of staying in the Kingdom over 90 days”. Also called “90 Day Report”, “Report 90 Day”.

This 90-Day Report is that approximately once every 3 months you need to fill out and submit form TM.47 to the nearest Immigration Office. The TM.47 form itself is officially called “form for alien to notify of staying longer than 90 days”.

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Form TM.47 is quite simple, you need to provide your first and last name, passport number, date of arrival in Thailand and, most importantly, your current address of residence.

Actually, in this way you notify of the current address of your residence in Thailand.

There is no charge for 90 Days Report.

Who should do the notification of staying over 90 days

This notification must be made every 90 days by all foreigners in Thailand who are given a long-term visa, that is, a visa with a duration of 1 year. Such cases include a marriage visa, retirement visa, guardian visa, Thai Elite Visa, LTR visa, work visa.

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If your residential address hasn't changed, you still do the 90 Days Report.

Student visa holders are NOT required to do a 90 Days Report for the reason that every 3 months they must renew their visa – this extension is equivalent to a 90 Days Report.

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When to do a 90 Days Report

The first application for a visa extension is equivalent to notification of a stay in the Kingdom of more than 90 days. That is, the first 90 days must be counted from the date after receiving a stamp giving the right to stay in Thailand for a year.

If a foreigner left Thailand and then returned again, then the counting of 90 days starts anew from the moment of entry into Thailand.

Notification must be made within 15 days before or after 7 days of the expiration of the 90-day period. That is, it is not necessary to count the exact date – you have a window of about 3 weeks.

Notification of staying over 90 days is NOT a visa extension and does not replace a visa extension in any way

The notification of staying in the Kingdom over 90 days is in no way equivalent to a visa extension.

That is, if you need to extend your visa for 1 year, then 90 Days Report does not replace this extension in any way. These are two completely unrelated procedures, and you need to complete the requirements to renew your visa separately.

What is the responsibility if you do not complete the 90 Days Report

If a foreigner stays in the kingdom for more than 90 days without notifying the immigration office or notifying the immigration office later than the deadline, a fine of 2,000 baht will be charged. If a foreigner who fails to notify a stay of more than 90 days is arrested, he will be fined 5,000 baht (some sources say 4,000 baht).

How can I make a 90 Days Report

There are several ways to file a 90 Days Report, including visiting the Immigration Office in person or via registered mail.

But the best and easiest way to make a 90 Days Report is to apply online through the Immigration Bureau website. Registration (required only once) and filling out the application will take just a few minutes. According to the regulations, the application must be approved within a few working days, but in my case it took about 10 minutes.

How to submit a 90 Days Report online

Register on the website of the Thai Immigration Bureau (if you have not already done so): https://tm47.immigration.go.th/tm47/#/register

A confirmation email and password will be sent to the email address you provided during registration.

Log in at https://tm47.immigration.go.th/tm47/#/login

On the page https://tm47.immigration.go.th/tm47/#/home select “New application (TM 47)”.

Or go directly to the data entry page: https://tm47.immigration.go.th/tm47/#/requestfrm/add

If you have previously done a 90 Days Report online, then in the “Personal Information” section you can enter your passport number and your nationality and all data will be loaded from the previous application. This is very convenient, because if your place of residence has not changed, then you do not even need to change and fill out anything – just resubmit the application.

If you are submitting a 90 Days Report online for the first time, then do not enter anything in the “Personal Information”.

Enter your details.

If you are assisted in completing the TM.47 online form, please enter the contact details of the person assisting you. If you are doing this personally, then check the “Use Login Information” box.

Finally, check the box next to “I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above Terms and Conditions” and click the “Submit” button.

How to enter an address in TM.47 form

Address No. – this is your address, for example, the room number and the name of the condominium

For example: Room B456, Kieng Talay Condotel condo

Here are the geographic locations that may cause difficulty:

  • Soi/Road – The street where your house is located. If you do not know its name, then look at Google.Map
  • State/Province – province, such as Chon Buri or Bangkok. Start typing a name and choose from the suggested options
  • City/Amphur is a Thai term slightly different from “city”. It's something like “district”, “sub-district”. For example, for Pattaya you need to enter “Bang Lamung”.
  • District/Tambon – despite being suggested as “District”, this Thai concept is closest to “town municipality”. For Pattaya, you need to enter “Nong Prue”.

So, for Pattaya, you need to enter the following data:

  • State/Province: CHON BURI
  • City/Amphur: Bang Lamung
  • District/Tambon: Nong Prue

Please note that “Na Kluea” is not only “North Pattaya”, it is the whole of Pattaya, including the nearest islands, you can see for yourself: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Na+Kluea,+Bang+Lamung+District,+Chon+Buri

But with these “District/Tambon” there is really a lot of confusion, for example, even some Thais are sure that Pattaya is “Nong Prue” (and “Na Kluea” is “North Pattaya”). Although you can see on the map that “Nong Prue” is actually a suburb of Pattaya: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Nong+Prue,+Pattaya+City,+Bang+Lamung+District,+Chon+Buri

Still, Pattaya belongs to Nong Prue, despite the fact that the maps say otherwise. I checked the address on my apartment rental contract, checked the postal address of the condominium where my wife works, and even went to the post office – everyone says Pattaya is in Nong Prue.

For residents of Bangkok, in the field “State/Province” you need to enter “Bangkok”, and in the field “City/Amphur” you need to select a name from this list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_districts_of_Bangkok

Why does the site https://tm47.immigration.go.th/tm47 not accept the name of the city or area

If you enter the name of a city or region, and when you switch to the next field, the entered value simply disappears, then this means that you entered the name incorrectly.

Autocompletion works for the following fields:

  • State/Province
  • City/Amphur
  • District/Tambon

You need to start entering data and choose from the proposed option.

If you don't see the option you're looking for, or you're not offered anything, it means you're entering the data incorrectly.

Confirmation of 90-day report

Immediately after sending the data, you will receive an email.

This letter will be accompanied by a PDF file with the completed TM.47 form.

Check your details.

Continue to wait for your notification to be approved.

How to check the status of notification of staying over 90 days

On the https://tm47.immigration.go.th/tm47/#/home page, select “Check the status of application”.

Or go directly to https://tm47.immigration.go.th/tm47/#/searchonline/search

To search, enter your passport number.

You will be shown a list of your applications.

What to do if I made a mistake in the 90 Days Report when sending data online

Looking at the received PDF file, I found that I made a mistake in the entered data, namely, I incorrectly indicated the month of arrival in Thailand.

When I tried again to send the 90 Days Report with corrected data, I received the following message:

You have sent a request. A new request can be submitted after 3 days.

That is, a second request can be sent after three days.

To get out of this situation, I went to the page https://tm47.immigration.go.th/tm47/#/searchonline/search and found my application.

If the application has not yet been considered (if it has the status “Pending”), then the “Cancel” column has a cross icon to cancel the application.

Click it to cancel and enter a reason (for example, “typo in submitted information”).

Immediately after that, you can re-fill and submit the 90 Days Report again.

90 days report approval

Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email.

It will contain a PDF file with “Receipt of Notification”.

This Receipt of notification will indicate the date of the next 90 days report.

On https://tm47.immigration.go.th/tm47/#/searhonline/search, a link to this document will appear in the “Receipt of Notification” column.

The status of the application will change to “Approved”.

Things to remember when submitting an online 90 Days Report

According to official regulations, the time for consideration of a 90 Days Report notification when sent online is up to three business days. In my case, the application was reviewed and approved within 10 minutes.

The online service does NOT support if a passport has been changed. The alien must make the notification in person or authorize another person to make the notification at the immigration office located in the locality in which the alien has settled. After that, the foreigner can make a notification within the next 90 days using the online service.

Fifteen days before the next 90 Days Report, you will receive an email reminder.

Once the 90 Days Report has been approved, you can print out the “Receipt of Notification” and show it to any authorities if needed.

Do I need to do a 90 Days Report when extending a visa? From what date should 90 days be counted when extending a visa – from the last 90 Days Report or from receiving a new stamp?

The first 90 Days Report is tied to the date you received your visa (stamp) and does not in any way correlate with how long you actually stay in Thailand. Let me explain with an example: if at the time of receiving a family visa (annual stamp) you have already been in Thailand for, say, 4 months, then you need to do the first 90 Days Report 90 days after receiving the last (annual) stamp.

When extending an annual visa (for example, a family visa), you must provide documents confirming your residential address: rental agreement, utility bills, etc. And it seems logical (as far as this situation is logical at all) that the next 90 Days Report should be done precisely from the date of the new stamp.

It seems like you only need to do a 90 Day Report on the 90th, 180th and 270th day after receiving your annual stamp, but not on the 360th day. BUT THIS IS WRONG!!!

If you do the 90 Day Report online, the Immigration Bureau email notification reminds you to do the 90 Day Report on day 360 as well – this is confusing because at the same time you are physically at the Immigration Office with a stack of papers confirming your current residential address.

In the automatically generated “RECEIPT OF NOTIFICATION”, day 360 is indicated as the next date of the 90 Days Report.



The annual stamp in your passport also says “EVERY 90 days.”

All this creates confusion. The law that regulates all this (IMMIGRATION ACT, B.E. 2522) and which, by the way, was adopted in 1979, does not answer this question.

When extending my family visa (getting a stamp for another year), I did NOT submit a 90 Days Report on day 360 and it turned out to be a mistake! When I tried to submit the “90 Days Report” 3 months after the date of the last annual stamp, I received a refusal with an order to immediately appear at the Immigration Office:

Your application for "STAYING LONGER THAN 90 DAYS" has been rejected.

Please contact the nearest Immigration Office in person immediately.

At the Immigration Office, the employee explained to me: the visa extension and the 90 Days Report are in no way connected with each other and do not correlate in any way. That is, yes, despite the fact that in order to receive the next annual stamp, you must prove that you live at the specified address – show a rental agreement, receipts for utility bills, photographs inside and near the property, etc. Even so, you must simultaneously submit the 90 Days Report within the specified deadline!

That is, with a long-term visa, you must submit a “90 Days Report” every 90 days, regardless of the annual and monthly stamps associated with the visa extension.

To my surprise, I was not fined the required 2,000 baht, they just accepted the 90 Days Report and gave me a Receipt of Notification. Next time I will try to make a notification online – after all, I don’t want to waste time at the Immigration office, manually filling out the form, making copies of the passport. It is much more convenient to re-submit automatically loaded data online once every 3 months.

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