Travel guide to Ko Samet island. The beaches of Ko Samet

Table of contents

1. A trip to the island of Ko Samet

2. Map of sights and important places of Ko Samet island

3. How to get to the ferry to Ko Samet. Ferry to Ko Samet

3.1 Which city is next to Koh Samet

3.1.1 How to get to Ko Samet from Pattaya

3.1.2 How to get to Ko Samet from Bangkok

3.2 From which pier you can get to the island of Ko Samet

3.3 Where is the cheapest ferry to Ko Samet

3.4 Which pier to choose on Ko Samet

4. Tickets to Ko Samet National Park

5. Transport on Ko Samet

5.1 Tuk-tuk (songthaew)

5.2 Taxi

5.3 Motorcycle rental

6. The best beaches of Ko Samet

6.1 Which beach to stay on Ko Samet?

6.2 Hat Sai Kaew Beach

6.3 Ao Hin Khok

6.4 Ao Phai

6.5 Ao Tubtim

6.6 Ao Nuan

6.7 Ao Cho

6.8 Wong Duean Beach

6.9 Ao Pakarang

6.10 Ao Prao Beach

6.11 Klang Beach

6.12 Ao Noi Na

7. Lesser known beaches of Ko Samet

7.1 Ao Kiew Na Nook & Ao Kiew Na Nai

7.2 Ao Wai

7.3 Ao Lung Dam

7.4 Ao Thian

8. Viewpoints on Ko Samet

8.1 Scenic area

8.2 Laem Toei

8.3 Ao Phrao sunset viewpoint

8.4 Natural cliff view point

8.5 Koh Samet Tourist Spot

8.6 Cabo Chirimoya

9. “Historial of Samet” nature trail

10. Attractions of the island of Ko Samet

10.1 Statue “True Love”

10.2 Statue at Nadan Pier

10.3 Wat Ko Samet Temple

10.4 Chinese Shrine

10.5 Water Reservoir

10.6 Ko Samet Village

11. Excursions around the island of Ko Samet. Excursions to neighboring islands

11.1 Adventure 9 island trip

11.2 Famous 6 island trip

11.3 Exploring 5 island trip

11.4 Discovering Samed island

11.5 Special sunset trip

12. Water activities on Ko Samet

13. Nightlife on Ko Samet

14. Hotels in Ko Samet

15. Conclusion

A trip to the island of Ko Samet

Traveling to the island of Ko Samet, its beaches and breathtaking views left an indelible impression! Ko Samet can compete with another wonderful island, Ko Lan, which also has many beaches with white sand and azure water.

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Ko Samet is great for a beach holiday, for outdoor activities and water sports, for those who want to make amazing photo shoots on paradise beaches, and for those who like to explore new places.

Some points can be confusing, such as a large number of piers for both departure to the island and for mooring, as well as an entrance ticket. If you want to save as much as possible, then you will need to sort out these issues before you go to the island. All this will be discussed below.

I visited all the main beaches and took photos and descriptions so that you can better navigate the island.

I've also put together a (small) list of the island's attractions and stunning vantage points so you don't miss anything.

All beaches, points of interest, viewpoints and other important places I have added to the map.

The island of Ko Samet is very interesting, I recommend you to go there at least for one day or stay for a few days.

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Map of sights and important places of Ko Samet island

How to get to the ferry to Ko Samet. Ferry to Ko Samet

Which city is next to Koh Samet

The ferry to Ko Samet is located in Ban Phe, Rayong Province.

How to get to Ko Samet from Pattaya

1. Minivan from Pattaya to Ko Samet

35 Group Pattaya has a direct bus from Pattaya to the ferry to Ko Samet.

Information about 35 Group Pattaya: https://pattaya-pages.com/pattaya-bus-stations/#12

Vans leaves Pattaya at 09:00 and arrives at Nuanthip Pier at 11:00. In Pattaya, a minibus picks up passengers from their home.

You can buy tickets from Pattaya to Nuanthip Pier using the following form.

2. Public transport to Ko Samet from Pattaya

By bus from Pattaya to Ko Samet, you can take the following route:

Pattaya (Nakhonchai Bus Terminal) → Rayong (Rayong Bus Terminal) → Bus to Ban Phe.

3. On a motorcycle

My wife and I drove to Ban Phe from Pattaya on a motorcycle, the distance is a little more than 80 km, we drove about 1 hour.

4. Taxi

The distance from Pattaya to the ferry to Ko Samet is relatively short. The price for a taxi should be reasonable, especially if you are traveling with a family or a group of several people.

How to get to Ko Samet from Bangkok

There is a shuttle bus from Bangkok to Ban Phe from Ekkamai Station.

Buses depart from Ekkamai Station at 08.00 and 09.00 and arrive in Ban Phe at 11.30 and 12.30 respectively.

You can buy tickets from Bangkok or any other city to Nuanthip Pier using the following form.

From other places you can get, for example, by taxi. Looking ahead, I will say that Ban Phe ferries also offer taxi services, including intercity ones. That is, you can easily return back to the city from which you came.

From which pier you can get to the island of Ko Samet

After you have reached the city of Ban Phe, or at the stage of agreeing on the route, you may be faced with the question of which pier you can get to Ko Samet from? The fact is that in the city of Ban Phe there are many of these piers, for example:

  • Ban Phe Municipality Pier
  • Nuanthip Pier
  • Sribanphe Pier

This is an incomplete list.

Among the piers there are those that serve a particular hotel or resort.

Almost from each of these piers you can go to Ko Samet. But schedules and prices may vary.

Where is the cheapest ferry to Ko Samet

If you have been to islands before, like islands like Ko Lan or Ko Sichang, then you know that there is usually an inexpensive but slow ferry to choose from, as well as a fast but more expensive Speedboat.

With regard to the island of Ko Samet, the situation in choosing is complicated by the fact that several companies work at once, which are physically located on different piers!

Moreover, the situation is even more confused by the fact that the crossing on a large slow ferry is also offered at once at several of these piers. But in order for your choice to fall on the Speed boat, at some piers, a regular ferry runs only a couple of times a day and costs almost the same as a Speed boat!

So, the cheapest ferry, which runs every hour and costs 70 baht, is located at the Nuanthip Pier.

As you can see in this photo, a one-way ticket costs 70 baht, a round-trip ticket costs 120 baht. A one-way Speed boat ticket costs 200 baht, and a round-trip Speed boat ticket costs 300 baht.

There is a ferry from Nuanthip Pier to Ko Samet every hour.

And this is a photo from the Nadan Pier, already on the island of Ko Samet. Here the ticket costs 60 baht, the ferry (large boat) leaves every hour.

At the same time, I cannot unequivocally recommend other piers and other companies. For example, I went to the island and returned back from the Sribanphe Pier. Employees of the company managed to deftly intercept me right while driving a motorcycle, when I slowed down in front of an intersection. We were escorted to the parking lot. From the parking lot to the building where tickets are sold, we were taken free of charge on a motorcycle with a trolley, such a kind of transfer. Also, from the building where tickets are sold, we were again taken to the pier. When we returned (we bought round-trip tickets), we were met at the pier and taken to the parking lot, where we left our motorcycle. All these distances are not very large, but still we appreciated such customer care.

Parking was 80 baht for the day. Parking with an overnight stay costs 100 baht.

This is the cost of the Speed boat from Sribanphe Pier (we got to the island from here). As you can see, the cost depends on the chosen beach and ranges from 200 to 450 baht. At other piers, the cost of the Speed boat is similar. In my opinion, the cost differs not only in distance, but also in the difficulty of disembarking and boarding the boat – but this is just a guess.

Video of how we leave Sribanphe Pier and start our trip to Ko Samet.

Which pier to choose on Ko Samet

Having somehow dealt with the numerous piers of the town of Ban Phe, the next question arises, which one to choose the pier of the island of Ko Samet? But there are a dozen of them!

Here is a list of the piers of Koh Samet:

  • Nadan Beach
  • Sai Kaew Beach
  • Tub Tim Bay
  • Cho Bay
  • Vong Duen Bay
  • Saeng Thian Bay
  • Lung Dam Bay
  • Pakarang Bay
  • Wai Bay
  • Kia Bay

The main pier where the cheap ferry stays is Nadan Beach. For Speed Boat, this is also the cheapest pier to arrive. It is here that you can easily find motorcycle rental shops, a tuk-tuk stop, as well as the largest and nicest beach on Ko Samet. There are also many bars and restaurants here.

That is, if all the piers on the island of Ko Samet are equivalent for you, then choose Nadan Beach.

The second most popular place among foreigners (including package tourists) is Ao Vong Duan.

Next, a description of the beaches of Ko Samet will be given and, perhaps, you can choose for yourself another place where you want to be taken to the island.

Of course, by choosing a certain beach you are not locked on it: you can travel around the island, by public transport (tuk-tuks), by taxi (the same tuk-tuks or motorcycle taxi), by motorcycle or on foot.

Tickets to Ko Samet National Park

Foreigners arriving on Ko Samet must pay 200 baht, and Thais 40 baht. Children 100 and 20 baht respectively. It has some explanation, something about the national park, but in short – you just need to buy tickets when you get off the boat and before entering the city.

It is written on the tickets that they should be kept with you all the time, but as you can guess, they are not checked anywhere.

And yet, out of 10 piers, tickets are sold only at one. That is, if you sailed to another pier, then, as you can guess again, you don’t have to buy tickets. If you are traveling with a company and have hired a boat charter, then you can independently calculate whether it is more profitable to sail to the main Nadan pier, or to the neighboring ones (Sai Kaew Beach or Tub Tim Bay), where you do not need to buy tickets…

In theory, hotels should charge guests for the National Park if they don't have tickets, but in practice this usually doesn't happen.

Transport on Ko Samet

Tuk-tuk (songthaew)

On the island of Ko Samet, tuk-tuks are green and I feel there are a lot of them!

The cost of the trip is as follows:

That is, the price of the trip is from 20 to 70 baht per person, or from 100 to 500 baht for a charter (renting the entire tuk-tuk).

A trip around the island will cost 1000-2000 baht.


As a taxi, you can rent a tuk-tuk (pick-up), charter prices are shown above. If you need to go somewhere else, the price is negotiable.

There are also motorcycle taxis on the island.

If you need to get from the hotel (resort), then contact the staff and they will call you a taxi. Or you can use the services of taxi drivers who are on duty at the entrance to the hotel.

If you want to get to a remote beach, then to be picked up later, you can negotiate with a taxi driver and ask for his phone number.

Motorcycle rental

In motorcycle rental shops, the same signs hang, apparently, the price is fixed for the entire island.

The cost of renting a motorcycle on the island of Ko Samet:

  • 1 hour – 100 baht
  • 1 day – 400 baht

We paid 350 baht, I don't know if it was because we rented a motorbike for part of the day, or because we rented a motorbike through a company that offers Speed Boat services, at the time of buying tickets for a trip to the island.

As always on the islands, gasoline is a gift, that is, spent gasoline does not need to be replenished to a full tank.

The best beaches of Ko Samet

Which beach to stay on Ko Samet?

Everyone will have their own answer to this question, since there is not a single beach on the island that would be the best. Or the one that works best for everyone. Here is some information that can help you choose the best beach for you.

The best beaches of Ko Samet are scattered from top to bottom along the east coast of the island, and there are also a couple in the west and north. As a general rule, the further south you go, the calmer it gets. So, if you are looking for the best beach to stop in and enjoy peace and quiet, head south. If you're looking for beach bars, music and nightlife, the north beaches are the place to be.

The eastern side of the island is bordered from north to south by crescent-shaped flat sandy coves. Most are separated only by picturesque rocky headlands; otherwise it would be one continuous beach.

The western side is more rugged, rocky and remote, with one beautiful sandy bay to the northwest (Ao Prao Bay).

Hat Sai Kaew Beach

Hat Sai Kaew is the largest and visitor-friendly island of Samed. The literal translation of Hat Sai Kaew is what to expect, it means “Crystal Sand Beach” and beautiful white sand is in abundance here. The beach is located on the North East side of the island, close to the main ferry pier, and is about a kilometer long.

Just a 10-minute walk or 2-minute taxi ride from the pier is the widest, whitest and busiest stretch of sand on the island. Its proximity to the pier means it gets its fair share of package tourists. It is here that life is in full swing, an abundance of restaurants, bars and kiosks. In the evenings, you will find movie screenings in restaurants, live bands, music and cozy moments on bean bags on the beach. It can be a bit noisy due to the proximity of many bars and restaurants, this beach is the center of the island's nightlife.

The length of the beach is about 900 meters. The southern part of the beach gets a little quieter, and after the furthest rocks in the south you will find another beach called Ao Phai Beach.

There are many restaurants where you can have a delicious lunch or dinner with seafood from lobster, tiger prawns, fresh fish with fragrant curry. Prices vary greatly from restaurant to restaurant, so one tip is to see where Thai holidaymakers go to eat. It's always delicious and cheap!

Water sports such as water skiing, banana boats and parasailing are available. You can also rent a kayak for around 200 baht per hour and head to the nearby bays and coves.

Due to its popularity with weekend travelers from Bangkok, accommodation can be scarce here, so be sure to book early.

The statues you will see on the beach are famous figures from a famous Thai poem written by Sunthorn Phu. They depict Prince Aphai Mani, to whom the mermaid shows the way to the island of Samet.

Video walk from Hat Sai Kaew Beach to Ao Hin Khok beach, Ko Samet island.

Ao Hin Khok

Another beach, separated from the previous one only by a rocky cape and a statue of a mermaid, personifying motherly love.

This is a much calmer beach than the previous one. You will realize that you have reached it when you pass by the statues of the prince and the mermaid at the end of Hat Sai Kaew Beach.

With fine white sand and a distinct lack of tourist activity, this beach is considered one of the best on the east coast for simple lounging, sunbathing and dining. The length of the beach is 280 m, it is turned to the southeast, catching the sunrise.

With crystal clear waters and a noticeably cheaper cost of living than its bustling neighbor, Ao Hin Khok Beach is popular with tourists. Budget bungalows and huts, located next to nightclubs right above the rocks, are its hallmark. There are also several pubs and restaurants here.

The stunning Hin Kok Beach is the number one tourist destination on Samed Island. The 200-meter beach is practically untouched. Apart from its natural beauty, its popularity among tourists is also due to the affordable housing you will find in the area.

Accommodation can fill up fairly quickly, so booking in advance is recommended. The clear blue waters offer some of the best swimming spots on the island. The atmosphere can get quite lively as the sun goes down, so those looking for a quieter life might be better off settling elsewhere on the island.

Ao Phai

Ao Phai Beach is a short 170-meter stretch of pure white sand located south of Ao Hin Khok and separated from it by a rocky promontory. Also known as Bamboo Bay, it faces southeast, has shady trees and nice little bars that create an atmosphere of tranquility. It is popular with backpackers and couples and has beachfront restaurants with a quiet nightlife as well as popular nightlife venues.

Another stunning cove popular with backpackers. It is a 20 minute walk from the pier and has a mini market to help you stock up well during your stay.

It is a very popular spot with amazing white sand and bright topaz blue waters, offering one of the best swimming spots on the island. Housing here is located on a steep slope.

Ao Tubtim

Just around the corner from Ao Phai, you'll find another gem, Tubtim Beach, a crescent-shaped white sand beach. It is a 160 m stretch of powdery white sand; quiet and secluded, it is more like a private retreat typical of European beaches.

Here you can read a book or just soak up the sun as you are transported to a place of complete tranquility. Known for its simple beauty, this beach attracts regular visitors, usually couples who discover its existence by accident! Strange little monuments or stone piles stand in the northern part of the beach with a sign “Please do not touch”!

The restaurants of the nearby resorts are never far away, so you will have somewhere to fill up.

This bay is about half an hour's walk from Nadan Pier and is a good base from which to explore several beaches to the north and south of it. Recommended for those who are looking for a more peaceful and quiet beach holiday.

The bay is flanked by the usual rocky outcrops on each side.

Ao Nuan

Ao Nuan Beach is the next beach in the south of the east coast, the perfect place to relax. For example, it is hidden, protected, picturesque, untouched, has one restaurant and several bungalows without electricity. And, of course, a prerequisite is fine white sand. I was told that you can lie on the beach after dark and see the Milky Way, since all other light is out here.

A little off the beaten track, this is one of the most rocky beaches on Ko Samet. It offers isolation but is not the best for swimming. With a length of 70 m, it is also one of the shortest.

The headland between this place and Ao Tub Tim can be climbed to get a good view north towards Hat Sai Kaew Beach if you feel the need for exercise and scenic views. It's a 35-minute walk from the pier.

If you are staying at other beaches to the north. You can easily get to Ao Nuan by riding a scooter over the rocky headland or by following the trail between Ao Nuan and Tubtim.

Ao Cho

Ao Cho Beach is located just north of the slightly larger Ao Wong Duean Beach and has very clear turquoise waters to swim in. Ao Cho is a small but picturesque bay with just a few bungalows and a wooden pier.

You can get to the beach by taking a songthaew taxi from Nadan Pier. Otherwise it's a 40 minute walk from Nadan. You can also get here by Speed boat from Ban Phe for about 350 baht per person.

If you arrived in Ao Wong Duean, then you can get to Ao Cho on foot.

There is a slight increase in civilization here. Although the 220 m long beach is still quiet and devoid of tourist shops. The picturesque marina is located in the middle of the beach.

The two reggae beach bars, Rasta and Reggae, are typical bars on Ao Cho Beach. In addition, you will have a limited selection of predominantly Thai restaurants.

There are guest houses and several resorts scattered throughout the bay. Ao Cho Hideaway, Tarn Tawan and Grandview Resorts are good examples. Tongta Phaview Resort Cottages, in particular, have a superb location right on the northern rocky headland, 50 meters from the beach.

Ao Cho is another perfect place to do nothing!

Ao Wong Duean Beach

The magnificent Wong Dyan Bay and the unmistakable crescent-shaped beach are the second largest beach on Ko Samet and are popular with package travelers. The beach is 490 m long. The bay is like the little sister of the larger Sai Kaew Beach and is a beautiful beach that is more suitable for medium and exclusive clients than for those on a budget. There are mini markets, shops, and bars to keep you well-fed and entertained during your time on the beach.

Expect a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere on its gleaming white sand and vibrant blue sea. Accommodation here is a little more expensive than in other parts of the island, but the quality justifies it. The beach is ideal for those who love all kinds of water sports, but want relative peace and quiet without giving up the usual amenities.

You can get to Ao Wong Duean Beach from Nadan Pier by songthaew. A 3 km trip takes 10-15 minutes and costs about 80 baht. You can also follow the trails along the beaches and head south until you reach Ao Wong Duean Beach.

You can come here from the mainland on the Speed Boat.

Due to its popularity, this beach will get crowded during Thai public holidays and weekends. The reason is that this is a beautiful beach. Sunrise at Wong Duean Beach is the most spectacular sunrise on this island.

Ao Pakarang

Ao Pakarang Beach, also called Karang Beach, is also considered the “last beach” if you move south of the island.

Ao Pakarang is located in the extreme southeast of the island, it is as beautiful as the picture and very, very quiet. It is noteworthy that there is only one resort here, Nimmanoradee Resort, with many shady trees, very similar to Ao Kiew. Plus a few hammocks, some rocky sandy coves, and crystal clear waters. A magical place for couples and young families. This is definitely not a party place.

You have two beach areas at Ao Pakarang, one on each side of Laem Kut, a rocky promontory jutting out into the sea. One faces north and the other faces south.

Access to the beach is via the Nimmanoradee resort entrance. The area is not marked as private as some other resorts on the island do.

Most of the beach is rocky.

There is also a sandy part of the beach, but it is quite small.

There are only a few sun loungers on the sandy part of the beach.

There are many bungalows with windows overlooking the sea.

The place is really very picturesque and relaxing. I want to stay here.

The restaurant offers not only very tasty food, but also a great view of the sea.

I liked both the view and the food.

Ao Pakarang bay video

Ao Prao Beach

Ao Prao Beach and its crescent-shaped bay rise above the west coast of Ko Samet. In addition, it is an amazing view and three prestigious resorts.

The only beach located on the upper western coast of Ko Samet is sometimes referred to as Paradise Bay. If you are looking for crystal clear blue seas and pristine white sands in a quiet and relaxed environment, then this 200 m beach is definitely worth a visit. Expect expensive hotels and bungalows, not backpacker bunkhouses, if you plan to stay at this exclusive resort. The amazing sunset that can be seen from Ao Prao alone is already worth the extra expense.

If you love watching the sun set over the ocean, then this beach offers a great view of the light show of nature. If you stay here you will most likely get a pickup from Nadan from your hotel, but if not, you can walk here via a wooded path leading through Ao Hin Khok, which takes about 20 minutes or so from that point.

Tuk-tuks and motorcycles, with the exception of official vehicles, are not allowed on the beach/bay. The goal here is complete privacy for guests. Yes, visitors are allowed on the beach area, but on foot. Park your motorcycle in the parking lot halfway down the slope.

The beach stretches for about 450 m in length. It is a sandy bay with sheltered calm clear water. Yes, and I forgot the palm trees swaying in the wind. Here you will not find noisy bars and nightclubs. Ao Prao is more like a candlelit dinner under the stars as the sun sets beautifully over the horizon. It’s Magic.

Klang Beach

On the way to Noi Na Beach, you will pass through a small village that has guest houses, cafes, mini-hotels and resorts – this is the Klang Beach area.

The mini resorts on this strip are some of the closest to Nadan Pier!

Although this beach is not as good as the other beaches on the island, it is a strip of sand with clear water, a jetty and a view of the local boats.

Perhaps you will find something in this place that will strike a chord in your heart.

There are quite a lot of shells in the sand on the beach, it may not be very comfortable for you to swim and walk barefoot there.

Ao Noi Na

Noi Na Beach is in the far north of the island, facing northeast, and can be clearly seen from the Ban Phe ferry as you approach the island. Most, however, will not see it up close. Why? Because it is outside the commercial tourist center of the island.

Staying on this beach provides a wonderful view of the sea towards the hills of the mainland. The narrow road skirts the contours of the coast and is dotted with several resorts where you can hide.

The beach is very secluded.

Construction work is visible along this beach – apparently, new bungalows are being built.

There are quite a lot of shells here, so maybe those who like to swim in the sea will not like it.

But from the point of view of a secluded holiday on the sea, this is perhaps one of the best places on the island.

Lesser known beaches of Ko Samet

The following beaches are not so convenient, mainly because they are located within the territory of beach hotels. That is, to get to them from the road, you will need to go through the security of the hotel and the territory on which the signs “Private property, only for resort guests” are hung.

To be fair, walking through hotel grounds is usually not a problem.

Ao Kiew Na Nook & Ao Kiew Na Nai

The rich prefer to stay on the southern part of Ko Samet. This place is the opposite of what backpackers would like. Despite the fact that here is the most expensive resort on the island, this area is still untouched and is considered the best on the island.

If you are looking for a stunning beach with high end luxury bungalows, then you should head to Ao Kiew. There are two bays here: one on the east coast (Nook) and a more rocky one in the west (Nai). If you want to stay here, you will need to stay at the most exclusive resort of Koh Samet, high price corresponds to high level.

On the beaches of Ao Kiew Na Nook and Nai), you can see both sunset and sunrise. Mainly due to the location on a narrow (160 m wide) area in the south of the island. The main road descends the hill, and beaches and resorts are located on both sides of the road.

Clear water and soft white sand combined with sunrise… you are in paradise. This is where you will find the Paradise Resort.

To get to these beaches, you have to go through the Paradise Resort security, which is located on both sides of the road. You will see them at the bottom of the hill as you drive by.

Ao Wai

About a half hour's walk south of bustling Wong Duean Beach, Ao Wai is a dreamy little escapist cove that feels like a world away from the busier beaches it leaves behind.

There's only one resort here, so it doesn't feel too cluttered in its relatively small white sandy expanses. All that's left to do is relax, enjoy the views, and let the warm sun soothe your troubles… total bliss.

Located near the rocky headland of Lung Dam, you will find Ao Wai Beach. Partially shaded, very quiet and serene, it's just perfect if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle.

There is an atmosphere of relaxation, an atmosphere that is difficult to convey in words, and a feeling of remoteness. This beach is absolutely amazing.

Ao Lung Dam

This beach is located a little south of Ao Thian, has a length of 150 m and is separated from Ao Thian by rocky outcrops. The complete lack of development is a feature of Ao Lung Dam beach with an old wooden pier in the middle. Crystal clear water, some fine white sand and almost no action at Lung Dam.

Apache Lungdum Restaurant & Bar offers affordable accommodation in characteristic beach shacks. Predominantly a haven for tourists who prefer inexpensive travel.

Ao Lung Dam has its own character and charm…so check it out!

Ao Thian

It's worth taking the short walk south from Wong Duean Beach to experience the relative isolation. Moving south around a rocky promontory, we come to the beach of Ao Thian.

It is small, its length is 100 m, and it is punctuated by beautiful rock formations. View of the water, fine white sand – all this creates peace and tranquility! It's a nice postcard view!

Also known as Candlelight Beach, Ao Thian has shorter intervals of sand broken up by patches of rock, providing the perfect balance between privacy and accessibility. Feel lost and abandoned shipwrecked on one of the calmest beaches on Ko Samet. The soft white sandy bay is lined with large rocks at each headland and punctuated by smaller rocks along the beach. This creates the feeling of many mini beaches in one.

Several beach resorts such as Sangthian Beach and Candle Light are ideally located in Ao Thian. And, if you're hungry and just passing by like me, you can just stop and grab a bite to eat while taking in the gorgeous view of the beach.

Viewpoints on Ko Samet

Any coastal place you vacation on Ko Samet is pretty much a viewpoint. However, there are some places that you should not miss.

Scenic area

The road sign literally calls this place “Scenic area”. And this is a more accurate name than can be found on the map – “Tay Koh Sunset Viewpoint”.

The fact is that this is really a place of incredible beauty!

And it's beautiful here not only during sunset, it's always beautiful here!

Another definition in the name “Tay Koh Sunset Viewpoint” that is not correct is “Viewpoint” since it is not a single point. You can climb rocks left and right, up and down. And everywhere is different, but every time a breathtaking view! Of course, you should have comfortable, non-slippery shoes.

If you are unsure of your ability to climb rocks, then by all means don't do it. Enjoy the view from a safe vantage point along the road. By the way, there is a car park at this location. You, as well as many others who want to enjoy stunning views, can easily place their motorcycles without fear that they will interfere with traffic.

Video from Scenic area, Ko Samet island.

I took dozens of photos and videos and it was very difficult for me to select the best of them – each picture is a small masterpiece of the beauty of nature.

The beauty is simply amazing, sometimes it even seems that this is another planet.

It is very difficult to stop taking pictures in this place. I don't want to leave here. I want to sit and watch it all.

Photos taken even with a wide-angle lens cannot convey the feeling of this vast space!

Video from Scenic area shot with a wide-angle lens, Ko Samet island.

And, of course, I want to move along the rocks. It can be dangerous if the rocks are wet, so if it's rainy, enjoy the view from the top of the observation deck.

Of course, I have seen the sea many times, including from the beaches and mountains of the islands. But this place is still special! Maybe the point is that we are on a hill near the water. In other places, mountains and viewing platforms on them are located either in the center of the island or a little far from the sea.

Maybe it's because there are no obstacles on the horizon. It seems that this is the very edge of the earth, beyond which there is nothing else.

Whatever it is, don't miss this place!

But it is not easy to miss this place, even if you are visiting Ko Samet for the first time. This place is located along the main road, marked with road signs “Scenic area”, located in the immediate vicinity of the road, has parking and several benches with awnings for recreation. If you are walking or riding a motorcycle, you will definitely notice all of the above signs.

If you are not confident in your strength and safety, then do not wander over the stones.

Returning to the name “Tay Koh Sunset Viewpoint”, which some people call this place. As you might guess, here you can watch the sunset. This is also an amazing sight!

Laem Toei

Follow the main road south and you will eventually reach the end of the island and the viewpoints of Laem Toei (called แหลมเตย in Thai).

Park your vehicle and you will immediately see a small observation deck where many people take their selfies. On the map, I named this place “Laem Toei (Observation deck next to the parking lot)”.

Selfies and photos with people here really turn out incomparable! Amazing natural backdrop!

To the right of this observation deck you will see a staircase down, you can go down it and wander over the stones.

On the map, I named this place “Laem Toei (Staircase down to the coast)”.

There are also many beautiful views of sea panoramas and cliffs extending into the sea.

In search of the best shots, you can wander through the stones.

As always, remember to be careful.

This is what the staircase looks like from below.

The builders of the stone pyramids made it here, but as you can see, the stones are damp, so be doubly careful.

Beautiful, but that's not all in this place!

Walk past the administrative building, in the direction where this sign points.

First you will see another building – this is a toilet. Behind him, the road forks.

The road leads to the left to the place, which is indicated on the map as “Laem Toei (Sunrise viewpoint)”.

The road leads to the right to the place, which is indicated on the map as “Laem Toei (Sunset viewpoint)”.

In both of these cases, the roads lead to different ends of the rocky beach. You can walk from one end to the other over the bridge.

Video from Laem Toei (Sunrise viewpoint).

To Sunset viewpoint, you can walk across the bridge, or return to the fork and take the second road.

This place was chosen by the builders of stone pyramids. Seriously, the feeling that I got to another planet, where the main task of civilization is to build these stone pyramids. It seems the inhabitants and guests of the island have a lot of free time…

Video from Laem Toei (Sunset viewpoint).

Video of walking along the bridge between Sunset viewpoint and Sunrise viewpoint.

Ao Phrao sunset viewpoint

There is a military base here, but as far as we understand, the entrance is open to everyone. At least we were there. But we are not sure that it is possible to go there, because we did not meet any people, including the military.

Two round gazebo-shaped buildings offer stunning sea views.

I like such buildings on the seashore by themselves, I saw something like this, for example, in Hua Hin.

As you can tell from the name of this viewpoint, you can watch the sunset here, but we arrived much earlier. However, the views did not disappoint us.

One of the reasons why articles like this will never replace a real trip is because photographs can't convey true scale and depth.

You probably won't feel it when you look at the next photo, but actually looking down is a bit scary, as if you are standing over an abyss.

Video from Ao Phrao sunset viewpoint.

Natural cliff view point

You can only get to this viewpoint on foot, as it is in the middle of the walking route. It will be discussed below.

Ko Samet Tourist Spot

The entrance to Ko Samet Tourist Spot is not marked in any way and is through a hole in the hedge. It is located just outside the entrance to the beaches of Ao Kiew Na Nook & Ao Kiew Na Nai on a hilltop.

The key landmark is a blue water pipe in the bushes, follow it.

Finally the bushes will end and you will see a breathtaking view of the sea.

And if you come in the evening, you will see the rays of the sunset reflected in the water.

Cabo Chirimoya

Cabo Chirimoya is the northern tip of the island, accessed from the far northern tip of Ao Noi Na beach. This is a rugged view of the coast and the ferry route to Rayong's coastal strip. If you are into trekking, follow the rocky coast as far from the beach as possible.

“Historial of Samet” nature trail

On the island of Samet there is one so-called trail. That is, the route through the forests and mountains, which you need to go on foot.

On the map, the beginning of the route is indicated by the point “Koh Samet Nature Trail Start Point”.

The Koh Samet Nature Trail” has also been added to the map.

The beginning of the route is indicated by this stand.

Along the way, the following events await you, as well as Natural cliff view point.

Route recommendations.

The length of the route is about 2000 meters, the travel time is about 2 hours.

Attractions of the island of Ko Samet

All of the above, beaches, viewpoints and hiking trails can be safely attributed to the attractions of the island of Ko Samet. This section contains other interesting places that did not fall into the previous sections.

Statue “True Love”

On the map, this statue is marked as “Mermaid (and the child) Monument”.

This statue represents True Love, the unconditional love between a mermaid and her child.

It starts in the Thai epic.

This sculpture embodies not only maternal love, but also symbolizes the beginning of a new life.

This sculpture is located at the junction of Sai Kaew Beach and Ao Hin Khok.

Statue at Nadan Pier

The Giant Woman at Nadan Pier will be the first thing you see when you arrive on Ko Samet. You may miss this sculpture in the hustle and bustle of arriving on the island, but when you return home, you will definitely notice it.

The size of the statue is very impressive.

She refers to a type of spirit in Thai folklore, the character's name is Pisuea Samut.

Wat Ko Samet Temple

Even if you have already visited the island, it is quite possible that you have not noticed this temple, since Wat Koh Samet is located away from the main road that passes through the village. This means you won't see it if you're not looking for it. However, once you start looking, you will find it quite easily because it is quite large.

On the territory of the temple you will find a white Buddha, the temple itself and various temple architecture.

You'll find temple buildings and cool murals that match the folklore of the island.

Chinese Shrine

At the northern end of Ao Noi Na beach, you will find a small Chinese shrine and temple. This is the same place where the Cabo Chirimoya viewpoint is located on a rocky promontory.

Water Reservoir

It's probably not a tourist attraction, but I mention this place insofar as I myself became very interested in the square lake in the center of the island.

It turned out that it was just an artificial pond, completely fenced with a grate.

A road leads around it and you can ride a motorcycle, but I didn’t see anything interesting there.

Unless, perhaps, you will be intrigued by the fact that this pond is artificial. This place is under construction.

Ko Samet Village

Of course, people are scattered all over the island, in hotels and bungalows. But mostly tourists.

As for the Village of Ko Samet, these are the houses of local residents who live on the island permanently. This village is located next to the main pier Nadan.

Ko Samet Village is a great place to stay if you are on a budget… Why? Because there is cheaper accommodation here, and bars, restaurants and cafes are at your doorstep. On top of that you have a rustic vibe, souvenir shops, a local pharmacy and the best Hat Sai Kaew Beach right at your doorstep. However, be aware that when the nightlife here can get quite noisy!

Excursions around the island of Ko Samet. Excursions to neighboring islands

Organized excursions can be divided into the following:

  • trips to neighboring islands
  • fishing
  • watching the sunset

Perhaps there are other options.

On the island, I saw the following advertisement for tours.

All tours can be booked while on the island. The island trip also includes snorkeling equipment and a light lunch that you usually eat on the beach of the island.

Adventure 9 island trip

Journey through 9 islands.

The program includes visits to the following islands:

  • Koh Man-nai (Koh Man Nai)
  • Koh Man-Nok (Ko Man Nork)
  • Koh Man-Klang (Ko Man Klang)
  • Koh Talu (Ko Thalu)
  • Koh Kham (ป่าสงวนแห่งชาติ หมู่เกาะคราม)
  • Koh Krauy (Ko Kruai)
  • Koh Plateen (Ko Pla Tin)
  • Koh Khang Khao (Ko Khangkhao)
  • Koh Kudee (Ko Kudi или Ko Kut)

The name in the tour program comes first, and the name in brackets indicates the name by which you can find the island on the map.

Tour time: 10.00 AM — 5.00 PM

Price for 1 person: 1500 baht

P.S.: I want to clarify so that you will not be disappointed in the future: most of these islands are a rock in the sea with little vegetation and / or a small beach. And note that all these islands are located in the Ko Samet area (some are not marked on the map).

Famous 6 island trip

Journey through 6 famous islands.

The program includes visits to the following islands:

  • Koh Khang Khao (Ko Khangkhao)
  • Koh Kudee (Ko Kudi или Ko Kut)
  • Koh Kham (ป่าสงวนแห่งชาติ หมู่เกาะคราม)
  • Koh Krauy (Ko Kruai)
  • Koh Plateen (Ko Pla Tin)
  • Koh Talu (Ko Thalu)

Tour time:

  • 11.00 AM — 4.00 PM
  • 12.00 AM — 5.00 PM

Price for 1 person: 600 baht

Exploring 5 island trip

Journey “Exploring 5 Islands”.

Tour time: 12.00 AM – 3.00 PM

Price for 1 person: 400 baht

Discovering Samed Island

Exploring Ko Samet.

Travel around the island on beaches and snorkeling.

Tour time: 12.00 AM – 3.00 PM

Price for 1 person: 400 baht

Special sunset trip

Sunset watching trip.

Tour time: 4.00 PM – 6.30 PM

Price for 1 person: 400 baht

Water activities on Ko Samet

I saw on the island the offer of the following water activities:

  • Jet ski
  • Banana boat
  • Parasailing
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayak (swimming in a small boat with a paddle)

Perhaps this is an incomplete list and you will find even more.

Nightlife on Ko Samet

Not everyone likes the vibrant nightlife on Ko Samet. But if you're the type who likes it, here you'll find a slightly toned down version at Hat Sai Kaew Beach and Ao Phai. You will also find entertainment in the northern part of Ao Hin Khok. I'm talking a milder version, compared to options like Pattaya and Phuket. You are in a national park. So expect most beach activities to end around midnight, if not sooner.

Does this mean you will be bored? Of course not. These beaches include music, beach bars and restaurants, and a fire show that usually starts around 9:00 pm.

If you're still in the mood to stretch out the night, head to the main street of Ko Samet village. Here the little bars stay open a little longer!

Hotels in Ko Samet

Hotels and bungalows on the island of Ko Samet, both inexpensive and luxurious, you can find and book through the following search form.


Samet Island is a great place to relax or explore new territories. Here you will see stunning seascapes, take many photos and selfies against the backdrop of heavenly places, leisurely relax away from civilization, or enjoy the island nightlife.

See also: Islands near Pattaya

Video from Speed Boat, returning from Ko Samet to the mainland.

I recommend you visit this place. And I think that you will want to come back here again!

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