Pattaya bus stations

Table of contents

1. Pattaya Pannipa

2. Jomtien-Suvarnabhumi Airport Bus Station

3. North Pattaya Bus Terminal

4. Nakhonchai Air bus station in Pattaya and Nakhonchai Bus Terminal

5. Bus 407

6. Bell Travel Service

7. Chan tour

8. Saharat Pattaya Co. (United Pattaya Co.). Mochit 2

9. Minibus to Bangkok

10. Pattaya T Tour Station

11. Bus Stop Pattaya To Bangkok

12. 35 Group Pattaya

Interactive map with intercity bus stations in Pattaya

Where do the buses from Southern bus terminal of Bangkok, Mo Chit and Ekamai come?

Loyalty programs of Pattaya and Bangkok bus stations

Public transport in Thailand is very developed and inexpensive. For example, a ticket from Bangkok to the resort town of Hua Hin (300 km from Bangkok, 3 hours on the way) costs 180 baht, or 300 baht if you buy a round trip ticket.

Due to its sophistication and accessibility, public transport in Thailand can seem confusing. In this article, we will consider the bus stations of Pattaya.

From these bus stations you can travel to Bangkok, Khon kaen, Udon thani, Nong khai, Hua Hin, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, Rayong, Mai Sai, Ubon, as well as to the islands of Ko Samet and Ko Chang.

Buy bus tickets online from Pattaya

You can check the availability of tickets to Bangkok and other cities in Thailand for a bus trip from Pattaya using the following online form.

1. Pattaya Pannipa

This bus station is located at the intersection of Sukhumvit and Central Pattaya (Pattaya Klang), called Pattaya Pannipa.

Go to the map.

In fact, it can be called a bus station conditionally. Look at the photo:

This is the place where tickets are sold and you wait for your bus. Usually there are several minivans right in front of it. Just in case – the sofa in the photo is not a resting place, it is already a furniture store.

From here minivans leave for Bangkok.

In Bangkok, buses arrive at the Mochit BTS station. Conversely, from Mochit they come to Pattaya Pannipa.

Previously, buses departed every half hour.

All buses are minivans only.

If the bus is not full, it can pick up passengers. Minivans usually leave immediately at Chonburi-Pattaya Hayway and drive towards Bangkok. But if the bus is not full (or it depends on the schedule – I traveled often, but did not find the system in this), then it can go through nearby cities to pick up passengers.


  • Mochit
  • Bang Na
  • HomePro Bang Phli
  • Bang Bo
  • Din Daeng
  • 5 Lat Phrao intersection
  • Chatuchak BTS
  • Sutthisan intersection

There are loyalty programs, in Bangkok you can get something like such a card (this is another company) and when you accumulate 10 trips, the tenth will be free – this is true, I got free trips (I traveled a lot from Pattaya to Bangkok on business).

2. Jomtien-Suvarnabhumi Airport Bus Station

The next station is in Jomtien. Its address: Jomtien-Suvarnabhumi Airport Bus Station, address 316, 24 Thappraya Rd.

It is near the junction of Thappraya Rd and Thepprasit Road.

Sometimes called Jomtien-Suvarnabhumi Airport Bus Station, sometimes just called Pattaya Bus Station on Thappraya Street (Thap Praya Rd.)

Go to the map.

From here the bus goes to the Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Accordingly, buses arrive here from the airport. In fact, when you go from the airport, you don't have to wait until you arrive at Jomtien, just ask to drop you off wherever the bus passes. This applies to all buses in Thailand.

3. North Pattaya Bus Terminal

North Pattaya Bus Terminal is located on North Pattaya Street, 300 meters from Sukhumvit.

Go to the map.

A relatively large station with several companies working at once.

The main destination where most buses go is Bangkok. From here you can go to

  • Southern bus terminal
  • Northern bus station (Mo Chit)
  • Eastern bus terminal (Ekkamai)

Before stopping at Ekkamai, the bus also stops at:

  • HomePro (Bang Plee)
  • Pedestrian Flyover opposite Central Plaza Bangna
  • Udomsuk BTS
  • On-Nut BTS

In addition to Bangkok, from this bus station you can go to Suvarnabhumi Airport, as well as other provinces of Thailand.

Yellow Bus carries passengers to other provinces of Thailand. Yellow Bus routes on the official website: http://www.iloveyellowbus.com/en/Ticket

Yellow Bus carries passengers to:

  • Mukdahan
  • Amnat Charoen
  • Yasothon
  • Roi Et
  • Buri Ram
  • Surin
  • Satuek
  • Huahin
  • Chumphon
  • Surat Thani
  • Don Sak / Ko Samui

One of the undoubted advantages of this bus station is that there is parking for cars and motorcycles next to it. It is incredibly convenient to arrive at the bus station on your own transport, and then when you return to Pattaya, go home again on your motorcycle or car.

That is, this is the only bus station in Pattaya with parking provided.

The entrance to the parking lot is located from the side of North Pattaya Road right in front of the entrance to the bus station.

The cost of parking near the bus station for one day is as follows:

  • Motorcycle – 30 baht
  • Car – 100 baht
  • Big bike chopper – 40 baht

4. Nakhonchai Air bus station in Pattaya and Nakhonchai Bus Terminal

Big company, with bus routes in many provinces of Thailand.

Pattaya is a way station between different destinations. The two bus stations are opposite each other on Sukhumvit Road, about 100 meters south of the junction with Central Pattaya Rd.

Routes on official websites:

Nakhonchai Air bus station in Pattaya, also called Nakhon Chai Air Bus Station, is marked on the map as Nakhonchai Air Company Limited. It is located at Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri.

Go to map.

This bus station is located next to the already familiar Pannipa station. Namely, not far from Sukhumvit Road, 100 meters south of the intersection with Central Pattaya Rd. When you walk along Central Pattaya Rd (Pattaya Klang) and exit onto the highway, cross Sukhumvit road, turn right and walk a little. The facade of a small bus station building with a canopy over the platforms overlooks Sukhumvit, between Sukhumvit 57 and Sukhumvit Pattaya 59 Pattaya (these streets are already behind the Sukhumvit Highway, that is, in the East Pattaya area, so if you are moving from Pattaya, you need to cross the road.

From the previous bus stations you can get to Bangkok. And from Nakhon Chai you can go to the major tourist centers of Northern Thailand: Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, Rayong, Mai Sai, Ubon, as well as the islands of Ko Samet and Ko Chang. They say you can travel to Laos from here.

From this bus station you can reach the following destinations:

  • Ubon Ratchathani
  • Sisaket
  • Surin
  • Buriram
  • Chiang Mai
  • Chiang Rai
  • Mae Sai
  • Phayao
  • Phrae
  • Phitsanulok
  • Nan

Opposite the specified bus station there is a bus station of the same company, on the map it is marked as Nakhonchai Bus Terminal. To get here, you need to walk along the Pattaya Klang road to Sukhumvit Road and, without going to the other side of Sukhumvit, turn right.

Go to map.

From here you can get to the following destinations:

  • Loei
  • Wang Saphung
  • Erawan
  • Na Wang
  • Na Klang
  • Nong Bua Lam
  • Phu Khiri
  • Bun Rueang
  • Phu Wiang
  • Nong Ruea
  • Ban Tan
  • Chaiyaphum
  • Ratchasima
  • Rayong

5. Bus 407

The next place is not easy to find if you don't know about it. This station occupies part of the territory of a gas station. Located next to the mosque. I did not find a description in English, in translation from Thai the name can be translated as 407 Pattana Company Limited, a branch in Pattaya (407 Central Pattaya). But in everyday life it is more often called “Bus 407”.

Go to the map.

To get to bus 407, while driving along Central Pattaya Street, get to Sukhumvit Highway and turn left. Driving along the Sukhumvit highway, immediately after the pedestrian bridge, turn to the gas station, which is located before reaching the mosque.

This bus travels to the north of Thailand in the province of Khon kaen, Udon thani, Nong khai.

You can find out the schedule and availability of seats on the bus by calling the phone number: +6638421535


Pattaya →

  • Chiang Yuen
  • Kranuan
  • Sri That
  • Wang Sam Mo
  • Warin Chamrap
  • Phang Khon
  • Wanon Niwat
  • Nong Waeng
  • Kham Ta Kla
  • Phon Charoen
  • Si Wilai
  • Bueng Kan

Pattaya →

  • Nong Khai
  • Phon Phisai
  • Rattanawapi
  • Pak Khat
  • Bueng Kan
  • Chaiyaphum
  • Bung Khla

Pattaya →

  • Mueang Phon
  • Ban Phai
  • Khon Kean
  • Nam Phong
  • Kumphawapi (overpass)
  • Udon Thani
  • Nam Suai
  • Nong Song Hong
  • Nong Khai

Operating routes:

  • Rayong – Nong Khai
  • Pattaya – Nong Khai

6. Bell Travel Service

Bell Travel Service combines the advantages of taxis and public transport. Minivans take passengers from hotels to Bell Travel Service offices. Then, from the bus station, large buses travel to the city of destination. In the city of destination, passengers are again transported by minivans to their hotels. As a result, passengers get the convenience of a taxi at a cost slightly more than public transport.

Bell Travel Service routes run between Pattaya, Bangkok, Hua Hin. In Bangkok, some Bell Travel Service routes arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, and some go to another part of the city to take passengers to hotels.

Address: 6 6/14 N Pattaya Rd, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Go to the map.

Official website: https://belltravelservice.com/

7. Chan tour

The Chan tour bus station is located at the intersection of Sukhumvit Highway and Central Pattaya Road (Pattaya Klang).

From the Chan tour station you can get to the northern regions of Thailand, in particular:

  • Khonken
  • Sarakhan
  • Kalasin
  • Somdet
  • Sakon NaKhon
  • Nakhon Phanom
  • Sawang Dang Din
  • Phang Khon
  • Ban Phang
  • Phuwiang
  • Sibunruang
  • Nongbualamphu
  • Leoy

Go to the map.

Review of Chan tour:

I used Chan tour to travel from Pattaya to Sakon Nakhon and vice versa.

In general, I would not recommend Chan tour and would recommend finding alternatives, namely, an airplane flight from Bangkok, or a bus trip again from Bangkok.

The advantage of the Chan tour is that it is the only bus that can take you directly from Pattaya to Sakon Nakhon, as well as to some of the other regions of Thailand mentioned above. Departure and arrival times are convenient – these are night buses.

Chan tour uses double decker buses. The buses are old, the seats are largely broken, that is, it is impossible to get enough sleep. The air conditioning system above my chair was broken (impossible to adjust or turn off the cold air) and I was very cold all the way to Pattaya. Blankets are very small, it is impossible to fully cover even half of the body (legs or torso). The road to Sakon Nakhon took a very long time, we left Pattaya at 19.45 and arrived in Sakon Nakhon at about noon, so it took 15 hours! On the way to Sakon Nakhon, they forgot to hand out snacks and water – on the way back they handed out food and water.

8. Saharat Pattaya Co. (United Pattaya Co.). Mochit 2

New bus station located on Central Pattaya street (Pattaya Klang) near Big C Extra. This bus station opened recently and is not even on Google Maps yet.

Direction: Mochit bus station.

Types of buses: minibus (more convenient than a minivan!)

Schedule: Departure every hour from about 5 am to about 2 am.

Address: 47/14 Central Pattaya Rd, Pattaya City.

Go to map.


  • Mochit 2
  • Chatuchak
  • Lat Phrao
  • Din Daeng
  • Bang Na
  • Bang Phli
  • Bang Bo
  • Omta

9. Minibus to Bangkok

Bus station on South Pattaya Road (Pattaya Tai) in the Wat Chai Mongkhon Market area.

Go to map.


  • Bangna
  • Samrong
  • Ekkamai
  • Mo-chit
  • BTS

10. Pattaya T Tour Station

Bus station near the ferry Bali Hai Pier.

Go to map.

Buses from here arrive at the Ekkamai bus station.

11. Bus Stop Pattaya To Bangkok

A small company at the intersection of South Pattaya (Pattaya Tai) and Sukhumvit Road.

Phone: 0657646780

Go to map.

Minivans in Bangkok.


  • Mo-chit
  • Din Daeng
  • Ekkamai
  • Bang Na
  • Bang Phli
  • Min Buri
  • and others

12. 35 Group Pattaya

This small company is located at the intersection of Third Street (Pattaya Sai 3) and South Pattaya (Pattaya Tai).

Go to map.

This company specializes in trips to the province of Trat, primarily to the islands of Ko Chang, Ko Kood, Ko Mak, Ko Samet.

See also: Travel guide to Ko Samet island. The beaches of Ko Samet

Interactive map with intercity bus stations in Pattaya

Where do the buses from Southern bus terminal of Bangkok, Mo Chit and Ekamai come?

The main rule is – where the bus left from, it will arrive there.

Since the buses for the Southern bus terminal, Northern bus terminal (Mo Chit) and Eastern bus terminal (Ekamai) usually travel from North Pattaya Bus Terminal, therefore, they must arrive here as well. But once from Bangkok I was traveling from the Eastern bus terminal (which is Ekamai), and so, it stops where you ask and leaves in the direction of Jomtien – apparently to Jomtien-Suvarnabhumi Airport Bus Station, or then, making a circle, returns to North Pattaya Bus Terminal.

From the airport, buses must go to Jomtien-Suvarnabhumi Airport Bus Station.

Pannipa buses always return to this station.

Loyalty programs of Pattaya and Bangkok bus stations

As I said above, some companies have loyalty programs. You can save up for a free ride. If a loyalty program is provided, then you will be given a card like the one shown in this article. It must be presented with each ticket purchase and you will be given new signatures in the boxes.

Each company has its own loyalty program, that is, in order to accumulate trips, you need to ride the buses of the same bus station and in the same direction.

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