Sights of Ko Sichang. Journey to Ko Sichang

Table of contents

1. Ko Sichang island

2. How to get to Ko Sichang

3. Ferry timetable from Si Racha to Koh Sichang and back

4. Ko Loi temple

5. Motorbike rental in Ko Sichang

6. Sights in Ko Sichang

7. Chao Pho Khao Yai Shrine (Chinese Temple)

8. Mondop Roi Phraphutthabat Buddha Footprint

9. Rama the Fifth's Handprint

10. Asadang Bridge

11. The Mundthat Ratanaroj Mansion (Building foundation)

12. Wooden House by the Sea

13. Vadhana Mansion

14. King Rama V Monument

15. Phongsri Mansion

16. Wat Chuthathittham Sapharam Worawihan (Round building)

17. Assadang Nimit Temple

18. Khao Noi View Point

19. Chakrabongse Cape. Laem Tham Phang

20. Tham Chakkaphong Sangha Monastery

21. Where to sunbathe and swim on the island of Ko Sichang. Hat Tham Phang

22. Hotels in Ko Sichang


Ko Sichang island

Ko Sichang is a very beautiful island near Pattaya. This island has beaches, as well as buildings associated with the royal family and the history of Thailand, as well as a huge number of stunning sea views!

Here, both lovers of the history of Thailand and lovers of beautiful views and photo shoots and recreation on the island will find something interesting for themselves.

Moreover, the trip can be very inexpensive.

My trip to Ko Sichang cost me quite a bit:

  • ferry tickets for 2 people in both directions: 50*4 = 200 baht
  • motorcycle rental on the island: 250 baht
  • petrol to get to the ferry and back: 100 baht
  • purchase of water and Coca Cola on the island: 70 baht
  • lunch for two (2 pork and chicken dishes, 2 coffees, 2 bottles of water, 1 glass of juice): 460 baht

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How to get to Ko Sichang

You can get to Ko Sichang from Pattaya from Bali Hai Pier. But there is no ferry from here, but only Speed Boat, which is much more expensive. In addition, even in a straight line to the island of Ko Sichan, about 25 kilometers by water, that is, it will take about 1-2 hours to get to the island from Pattaya by water, depending on the speed of the boat.

But there is a ferry to Ko Sichang from the neighboring town of Si Racha. Ferry ticket price is only 50 baht per person. From Siracha to the island is very close. And even taking into account the fact that on the way to Ko Sichang the ferry also comes to the very small island of Ko Kham Yai, the travel time by ferry is about 40 minutes.

It is about 30 kilometers from Pattaya to Siracha itself. Regular buses run to Sirracha. But I preferred to use my motorbike to get to the ferry. It took a little time and, as I said, I spent about 100 baht on gas for the trip there and back.

See also: How to get to Si Racha from Pattaya by public transport

The ferry is marked on the map as Koh Loy Ko Sichang Ferry Port (the map itself is just below).

Also on the map is the point Motorbike parking – parking of motorbikes. This parking is free and is located a couple of tens of meters from the ferry.

In terms of car parking, Ko Loi (which is the tiny island where the Si Racha-Ko Sichang ferry departs and back) and the bridge to this island have plenty of free parking spaces, including overnight.

If you do not want to leave your car in a free parking space, there are several paid parking spots marked on the map. But to get on the ferry from them, you will need to use a taxi.

Ferry timetable from Si Racha to Koh Sichang and back

The full schedule looks like this:

But at the beginning of 2023, I took the following photo. Some ferry runs have been canceled in the new schedule. This schedule is current at the time of photographing.

Video from the ferry to Ko Sichang

Ko Loi temple

As mentioned above, Ko Loi is a small island with a bridge, and on which ferries leave and moor. The island has a temple, several sculptures and views of the city. But I didn't have enough time to explore this place.

This is what Ko Loi temple looks like from the ferry during the day.

And this is what the temple looks like from the ferry in the evening.

In the morning we did not want to miss the ferry, and in the evening we wanted to quickly set off to get home before dark (it still didn’t work out, but the Sukhumvit highway is well lit).

Motorbike rental in Ko Sichang

For renting a motorcycle for the whole day, I paid 250 baht. No deposit was required, the documents were not looked at. They just asked for a phone call. On islands like this (I saw the same offer on Ko Lan), motorcycle rental ads offer a full tank of gas for free. The catch is that even having traveled all the roads on the island you will not spend even 1/5 tank of gasoline. But it’s still nice that you don’t have to look for where to fill up a motorbike.

Sights in Ko Sichang

Sightseeing map of Ko Sichang island.

Arrival and departure from the island takes place at Kho Sichang Tha-Lang Pier. The location of this place is easy to remember if you focus on the only 7-Eleven store on the island.

Here you can also rent a motorbike.

I started my sightseeing of Ko Sichang from the top of the island, that is, when leaving the pier, I turned right.

Chao Pho Khao Yai Shrine (Chinese Temple)

Chao Pho Khao Yai Shrine is a Chinese temple.

You may wonder why there is a huge Chinese temple on the island, but no similar Thai temples. Some sources claim that Chinese farmers (4 people) first settled on the island. However, the official records of the history of the island, which you can find in the royal premises, do not mention this.

Fat Buddhas and dragons – by these signs you can distinguish a Chinese temple from a Thai temple. And, of course, the hieroglyphs.

From here you have some stunning views of the island and the coast.

Remember that this is a working temple, so behave appropriately and take off your shoes where required.

The temple is dominated by Chinese and Chinese speech.

If you are traveling around the island on foot, then from here, from Chao Pho Khao Yai Shrine, there is a staircase to the next attraction – the footprint of the Buddha. The stairs go high up the mountain, but it's still a shorter route than if you take a detour along the highway.

If you are driving, then continue along the road until you see an adjoining road on the right, going up quite steeply – this is the path to the footprint of the Buddha.

Mondop Roi Phraphutthabat Buddha Footprint

The footprint of the Buddha was brought by a representative of the royal family of Thailand and installed on the mountain.

Before going up to him, girls, if their legs are not covered, should get and put on something like a skirt. These clothes are given out for free – then you need to return it.

The print is quite large. Using his size, one can probably guess the height of the Buddha.

So this building with a footprint looks from the side.

Rama the Fifth's Handprint

Here you will find two mountain stairs – one leads down, the other up.

The stairs down is the path to the Chinese Temple (Chao Pho Khao Yai Shrine). You already know this if you are hiking and have climbed it. There are also beautiful views from this path.

And the stairs up lead to Rama the Fifth's Handprint and the highest point of the island and, accordingly, the mountain.

The path is quite long. If you have uncomfortable / slippery shoes or are in poor physical shape, then do not go there.

We climbed to the end of the stairs and saw an inscription there that this is the highest point.

But having already returned home, preparing this note, I realized that we had not quite reached the very end of this route! Photographs of other travelers show them climbing onto a stone platform with a flagpole above the treetops and enjoying stunning views from the highest point on the island.

When we got there, we looked around as we were really a little disappointed that a rather difficult path did not end up with something interesting. There was a small path leading off to the left. But the path was barely visible, and we simply did not dare to follow it.

In the photo above, you can see something resembling a flagpole (the flag has long been worn out). Perhaps you need to somehow climb these same stones.

Whatever the case, be careful not to break your neck!

Asadang Bridge

We were a little tired after getting up and decided to have a bite to eat and drink coffee.

After the cafeteria, we continued our movement and ended up in another part of the island. We left the motorcycle at the point marked on the map as Parking. The following attractions are located close to each other and are closed to vehicles.

The Asadang Bridge is a path between several buildings on the sea. Here you can take beautiful photos.

In general, a very pleasant lulling atmosphere.

Nearby are buildings from the time of King Rama V and a monument to King Rama V. For these places on Google Maps, something is confused with names and photographs. You can just walk and get acquainted with the buildings and monuments. The path to the left is closed by thickets and in any case the island ends there. The only road leads to the right towards the sights – follow it.

The Mundthat Ratanaroj Mansion (Building foundation)

The building was moved to Bangkok, leaving only the foundation.

Wooden House by the Sea

Museum house. Here you can get acquainted with the construction and elements of everyday life from the time of Rama V.

Vadhana Mansion

Another two-story wooden house. In the house you can relax and read the tourist and historical information about Ko Sichang.

King Rama V Monument

You can imagine King Rama V relaxing in this park under the shade of the trees.

Phongsri Mansion

This building contains a large amount of textual material on the history of Ko Sichang.

Wat Chuthathittham Sapharam Worawihan (Round building)

This place is marked as a temple, but it's just a round building with a sculpture inside.

Assadang Nimit Temple

My wife called this place “stupa”. Help about what a “stupa” is on Wiki. It seems that this is it.

Khao Noi View Point

Viewpoint and scenic spot.

Note that the viewpoint is next to the road. That is, if you are only interested in the viewpoint, then you can drive up and stop not far from this place, and you will not have to go up the route we took.

Video from the viewpoint of Khao Noi.

These are all attractions in this area of the island. We returned to the parking lot and again continued our journey on a motorbike. By the way, there are toilets next to the parking lot.

Chakrabongse Cape. Laem Tham Phang

Another view of the sea. In this part of the island you can watch the sunset.

Here you will see a hole carved by water in the rock and a small depression between the stones.

Nearby I saw people with fishing rods.

Tham Chakkaphong Sangha Monastery

Buddha statues and unusual views of the island.

We stumbled upon this place by accident while driving along the roads of the island to kill time before the ferry.

Getting here is not very easy, as the stairs are not completed.

The road leading to this cave monastery is also not completed.

Where to sunbathe and swim on the island of Ko Sichang. Hat Tham Phang

If you want to swim, then you need a place called Hat Tham Phang.

It is a palm-fringed cove popular for swimming, with sun loungers and simple fish restaurants.

Here you will again see beautiful views of the sea with yachts in the bay.

Here you can buy water and other soft and hot drinks.

Hotels in Ko Sichang

Hotels and bungalows on the island of Ko Sichang, both inexpensive and luxurious, you can find and book through the following search form.


Did I like Ko Sichang? Undoubtedly! A small independent and inexpensive trip with memorable views.

Initially, I wanted to spend 2-3 days on the island, but due to being busy, I only came for 1 day. This time was enough for me to get acquainted with all the sights of Ko Sichang.

Koh Sichang may not be the best place for swimming – there are quite a few sandy beaches. In fact, I found only one.

It is quite possible that I missed something interesting – you can explore the island on your own, and for sure you will discover something new.

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