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Online notification of staying in Thailand over 90 days

How to get a marriage visa (Non-O) in Pattaya and Thailand in 2023

Thai immigration law is very dynamic. Every time I get a visa, something always changes, usually some minor details, which at the same time can stall the entire process of obtaining a visa. Therefore, the information in this note, although based on my experience, may differ in your case.

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Form TM.30: what it is and how to get it when renting an apartment, staying at a hotel, staying at a friends house or in your own apartment

Where to take visa photos, printouts and photocopies of documents in Pattaya

DLT QR LICENCE: Thai driving license in your phone

Addition: in the new version of the program the interface has been redesigned and there may be other changes. If anyone is reading this and someone needs instructions on the new version of the DLT QR LICENCE, then write in the comments and I will do it.

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