The original way to protect the balcony from birds in Thailand

We all live in apartments. Each apartment has a balcony. And this balcony, for some reason, is being polluted by pigeons and other birds.

In cold countries, it is quite common for balconies to be glazed in order to retain heat so that the balcony can be used most of the year.

In Thailand, the picture is different – here the balconies are usually open for ventilation.

Well, here it is, a typical balcony with a laptop for work.

With a view of the pool, palm trees and sunbathing girls.

Okay – I put the laptop for show-off – even the power supply is not connected to it (although there are two electrical outlets on the balcony – in fact, nothing prevents me, except for the heat, from moving to work on the balcony).

Well, the balconies with all this beauty overlooking the girls and the pools are dirty with pigeons and other birds less known to me.

How to protect a balcony from birds in Thailand

So what to do?

Putting a scarecrow on the balcony? This idea requires further development.

Shortly speaking, I spied on a variant of the fight against birds from my friend – this is an artificial snake!

To be honest, when I saw it for the first time, I almost stained her balcony more than the birds. ))))

A friend admitted that she herself is a little shocked every time she sees this snake.

But it works! Yes, the fake snake on the balcony railing actually keeps pigeons and other birds away.

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