Where to play beach volleyball in Pattaya

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1. Where in Pattaya there are nets for beach volleyball (volleyball court)

2. Volleyball at Dongtan Beach

3. Volleyball at Jomtien Beach

4. Volleyball at Najomtien Beach

5. Volleyball in North Pattaya (Wong Amat Beach)

6. Beach volleyball rules

Beach volleyball is like indoor volleyball, but only on the sand. That is, it is a very active team game.

The playing field itself measures 16×8 meters, which is smaller than a standard size indoor volleyball court. Each team has only 2 players. The biggest difference between indoor and beach volleyball is the floor of the court. Because beach volleyball is played on the sand, where the movements become slower and the height of the vertical jump is less.

The most important item to have is the beach volleyball itself. Compared to an indoor volleyball, the size is much larger, the weight is much lighter, and it is softer to the touch. These qualities allow it to hang in the air longer, giving the player more time to react to the ball.

Another difference in beach volleyball is that it is played more for fun than to win at any cost. But the spirit of competition, of course, is present.

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Where in Pattaya there are nets for beach volleyball (volleyball court)

In Pattaya, volleyball courts can be found in Jomtien and North Pattaya. You will find several volleyball courts at the junction of Pratamnak and Jomtien districts. A few more volleyball courts are located on Jomtien Beach. And only one volleyball court is located on Wong Amat Beach.

I have added volleyball spots in Pattaya to the map:

Volleyball at Dongtan Beach

Several stretched volleyball nets are located on Dongtan Beach, opposite Pattaya Water Park.

This is a well-known place for volleyball players. But the changes also affected him: previously there was only one net, and now there are several nets.

Usually there are quite a lot of people playing volleyball and, most likely, you will find yourself a company.

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Volleyball at Jomtien Beach

In the Soi Somprasong street area on Jomtien Beach, you will find a couple more places to play volleyball.

One of them is located next to The Now Hotel Jomtien, opposite 7-Eleven.

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And another volleyball court is located very close to the first one, opposite the Cafe Amazon Jomtien Beach @The Now Hotel.

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These places for playing volleyball appeared relatively recently (in 2023), after the expansion of Jomtien Beach. Previously, there was much less sand here and there was no place for playing volleyball.

Volleyball at Najomtien Beach

The arrangement of Najomtien Beach has been completed – now it is a wide and comfortable beach for relaxation. There are also three nets for playing beach volleyball.

Volleyball at Najomtien Beach #1

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Volleyball at Najomtien Beach #2

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Volleyball at Najomtien Beach #3

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Volleyball in North Pattaya (Wong Amat Beach)

In North Pattaya, Wong Amat Beach also has one volleyball net.

It is located near the entrance to the beach from Soi Na Kluea 18.

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Beach volleyball rules

According to the rules, teams must consist of two players, but this is far from always observed.

Beach volleyball consists of the same basic rules of indoor volleyball. Only three touches to return the ball, one player in a row can touch the ball only once. Any ball that falls to the ground counts as a point: if the ball falls on the court in the opponent's half, or flies off the court after the ball is touched by a player from the opposing team, then the point is scored by your team. And vice versa: a ball that has fallen to the ground in your half of the court, or has flown off the court after touching your team – a point is counted by the opponents.

The match will consist of three sets; the first two sets are played up to 21 points, and the last set is played up to 15 points. After every seven points in a set, the teams change sides of the court. To win a match, a team must win two sets. The last set, known as the tiebreaker, can only be won by two points.

During beach volleyball, players can use any part of their body to hit the ball, including being able to kick the volleyball with their feet. However, throwing, holding and catching the ball during a match is prohibited. The only technique that must be performed by hand is the serve.

An important tip to remember while playing is communication. Since there are only two players on each side of the court, it is possible for both players to take the ball at the same time. Communication is essential to avoid injury. In any case, communicating with a teammate will increase your chances of winning.

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