How to climb the Pattaya City Sign platform

How to drive up or approach the platform with the inscription Pattaya City

Pattaya City Sign is a hillside landmark with the name of the city written in giant letters and a platform that offers stunning views of the beach.

As planned, you can observe this symbol of the city from the coast of Central Pattaya, and it is not necessary to specially approach it.

But if you want to take a close look at it, then you can get to the foot of the hill on which this inscription is installed, for details on this, see the note “How to drive up to the huge inscription Pattaya City”.

Standing at the foot of the hill, you could notice that people were walking next to the letters. At the very letters there is a platform and an excellent viewpoint on Pattaya.

Entrance to the platform is free.

Next to the platform there is parking and a road that is closed to through traffic. Due to the elevation changes and lack of heavy road traffic, this section of the road is well suited for intense training, such as uphill running.

Anyone can climb the platform. But finding the way to the Pattaya City Sign platform may not be so easy, as it is easy to get lost in the bends of the mountain road. Therefore, although I have visited this area several times, it took me some effort to find the coveted turn to the large inscription.

You can get to the Pattaya City Sign platform from two places from Pattaya Sai 1 Rd.

How to get to the Pattaya City Sign platform from Bali Hai Pier

I marked the first place on the map as Turn to Pattaya City Sign platform #1.

It is this place that is shown in the following photo – this is the view when driving from The Lighthouse of Cape Bali Hai and Bali Hai Pier. If you move from Phra Tamnak Rd, then this turn is very easy to miss.

The first orange arrow shows the stairs – the beginning of the walking route to the Pattaya City Sign platform, and the second arrow shows the road to the same place.

The pedestrian path and the road are located next to each other. Along the way, you will see another viewpoint of the sea and Pattaya.

When moving on foot, you will see a ladder down and the letter “Y”.

When driving a car or motorcycle, you will see a dead end and a parking lot, not far from which you will find the way to the letter “Y”.

How to get to the Pattaya City Sign platform from Phra Tamnak Rd

I marked one more turn on the map as Turn to Pattaya City Sign platform #2.

This turn is located in the Pattaya Meteorological Station area. There is a branch road here.

From this branch you will see a playground for sports – you need to go up there. Then cross this area, you will see a road – turn left, first you will see a cafe and then a parking lot.

From there you will find a ladder down and the letter “Y”.

View of the coast of Pattaya from the platform.

The platform is medium in size, but the letters are so large that they do not fit into the frame even when shooting with a wide-angle lens.

The word “City” and another platform, slightly higher than the previous one.


It was interesting to look for the entrance to this platform – before I found it, I climbed a mountain in another place with beautiful views of the sea. On the wrong route, I came across a helipad.

At the Pattaya City Sign platform, you can do sports. There is also a café overlooking the sea and the city.

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