How to lock a motorcycle brake without holding it with your hands

It happens that while driving a motorcycle, while standing and waiting for a green traffic light, you need to do some small things: for example, take your phone out of your pocket. Usually there is usually no difficulty in this. But only if you stopped not on the slope! On a slope, if you do not hold the brake, the motorcycle begins to roll forward or backward. Sometimes it is possible to hold with your feet, but even on a slight slope it is usually not easy. The passenger complicates the situation even more.

That is, it turns out that you need to take something out of your pocket or bag, but at the same time it is impossible to release the brake, that is, the hand is busy. Is there a way out of this situation?

Analog handbrake for a motorcycle

Engineers who create motorcycles have foreseen this problem.

The handbrake of the motorcycle can be locked, that is, fixed.

It's so convenient, it's so simple and it seems so obvious… But in all my years of driving, I didn't know it. Maybe I'm not the only one – that's why I'm writing this note.

How to lock the brake on a motorcycle or scooter

Please note that the brake handle on the left side has a small additional element.

Apply the brake and press the brake lock with your finger.

After that, the brake will be locked.

To unlock the brake, simply press it again. As a result, the brake lock will automatically snap back to its original state.

Video how to lock the brake and how to unlock the motorcycle brake

In this video, I lock the brake on my scooter and then release it.

Don't forget to unlock the brake!

Have you ever driven a car forgetting to release the handbrake? Well, of course we drove – it happens to the best of us )))

Well, it's the same on a motorcycle. Don't forget to unlock handbrake!

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