Trip to Bangkok

My wife somehow managed to get three days off in a row (usually she has one day off a week) and we decided not to waste time and carry out our long-planned trip to Bangkok.

Bangkok is very close to Pattaya, an hour and a half by minivan (tickets cost 150-200 baht) and now we are in the capital (more…)

Ko Pha Ngan: an island of parties and women without bras

How to get to Ko Phangan

Ko Samui: a beautiful and cozy island for beach holidays and parties

Why do money disappear from my phone account? How to cancel all paid mobile subscriptions in Thailand

This article will tell you how to cancel paid SMS subscriptions and how to return money debited from the account

If you don't want to read the entire note, here are the main takeaways:

  • To cancel all paid SMS you need to do the following: call *137 → Wait for the message (more…)

How to get to Ko Samui