The Holy Heartland: a half-kilometer heart-shaped island

I accidentally found this place on the map. I couldn’t believe that this place was real, at first I was sure that it was an Easter egg from the map developers (you can look for information about Easter eggs on Google Map – they existed, I don’t know how relevant this information is now).


On the map I saw a perfectly regular shaped heart (as it is depicted in love letters). The heart is oriented north to south, which is how most of us view maps. Plus, the shape of a heart is not a road or a building, but an island in the water. And the pond itself resembles the shape of a heart.

And all this is a park with free entry.

In general, curiosity took over me and I got on a motorcycle and went to check it out.

The Holy Heartland is located in Sukhothai Province, at a distance of approximately 5.5 km from the city of Sukhothai (measured as the crow flies, the actual route by road is approximately 10 km).

Coordinates of The Holy Heartland: go to map.

The size of the heart-shaped central island is approximately 500×500 meters. The size of the reservoir is approximately 2.5×2.5 km.

The heart-shaped central island is connected to the shore by a straight path, along which benches are placed and where you can relax.

Entrance to the park is really free; at the entrance we were asked to write down the names in a notebook.

Along the perimeter of the “heart” you can relax with a view of the pond – the opposite shore is quite far away. There is a good road along the entire perimeter where you can walk or ride a bike. Vehicle traffic along it is also allowed.

In the very center of the island there is a museum, several statues and a small square.

Very picturesque and in general the atmosphere of a mystery: an almost deserted island of an unusual shape, an empty square in the center, a beautiful but closed building.

There are also several flower beds.

The corridor made of iron arches is probably supposed to be green due to the climbing plants enveloping it.

But if you take a closer look, you can see numerous light bulbs and backlights – perhaps the corridor will not be green, but glow with lights. But again, the work seems to be unfinished. It would be interesting to look at this after all the work is completed.

In general, the atmosphere was conducive to relaxation – there were very few people there.

Many local government institutions are located near this reservoir.

I don’t know the history of this place – perhaps someone just wanted to make the most romantic island. Perhaps in the future a new tourist attraction will be created here – there are new roads around and a lot of empty space.

There I saw awnings and chairs – it looked like outdoor wedding venues. Perhaps similar events are celebrated here.

A couple of short videos from The Holy Heartland. Center of The Holy Heartland:

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