Good and inexpensive buffet in Jomtien

For me, the most favorite and reference buffet is ShabuShi Buffet, so I unwittingly compare all buffets with this institution.

The other day I discovered a new buffet called Ninja BBQ Buffet Pattaya (นินจา บาร์บีคิว สาขาจอมเทียน) and I can say that I liked this place and it can compete with ShabuShi.

The word BBQ means that you can cook food on the grill and on an open fire. Look at this design on the right:

Inside it has a pot of coals that warm her. Also, broth is poured along the edges of this container, in which you can boil food if you are tired of grilling.

On the left side you can see a pot with coals and a grill for cooking seafood (shrimp, crabs, shellfish).

The competitive advantage of Ninja BBQ Buffet is the price – only 219 baht per person. But most likely you will take additional options, such as carbonated drinks, ice (all this is not included in the price). In general, we got a total of a little less than 1000 baht for three, and we did not deny ourselves anything.

The buffet has a good selection of food. Many types of pork and seafood. Although I did not find fish and beef (I was explained that beef does not exist in Korean restaurants).

There are also many types of different mushrooms, vegetables and other Asian food, some of which I am not familiar with. In fact, I managed to walk between the tables with food only once – mostly the companions collected food, and then I had to eat all the food that they brought and could not eat. Therefore, I did not even particularly consider the range of Ninja BBQ Buffet.

All food is very fresh!

Very good selection of fruits! Yes, fruit selection is much better than ShabuShi.

There is ice cream.

You can order and drink alcohol.

Another feature of this buffet is that the time of stay is not limited in it – you can sit as long as you want. If your coals have burned out, they will change the pot or add new coals (perhaps this is paid separately).

This restaurant is open 7 days a week, business hours: 4-11:30PM

The restaurant is located in Jomtien.

Location of Ninja BBQ Buffet on the map:

Some tables are located directly under the open sky, and some under a canopy. Despite the fact that the buffet is located quite close to the main road, it did not bother me and did not distract me.

Between the tables you can find taps and sinks with running water – you can wash your hands at any time (for example, after crabs and shrimp, which you need to clean with your hands).

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