Peeled crab meat: where to buy and how much it costs

Crabs are delicious, but quite expensive seafood. On the beach, a plate of crabs or a seafood set including crabs can cost 500-1000 baht.

But the main annoying thing about crabs is the need to clean them and picking meat!

In the restaurant, which I talked about in the articleGood and inexpensive buffet in Jomtien”, you can eat crabs in unlimited quantities. But what about this restaurant, what about the buffet restaurant in Hua Hin, my friends and I have the number of crabs eaten is limited to one, two, maximum three crabs. It's all about cleaning them.

By the way, whole crabs still need to be able to cook. A little overcooking on the fire – and the meat will begin to shrivel, and cleaning the crab becomes even more difficult.

In restaurants, you can order dishes containing crab meat. And in some places the price is quite low. Is someone buying crabs at a loss and cleaning them for you? Of course not.

You can buy raw crab meat from peeled crabs at the store.

Where do they sell raw crab meat?

I came across crab meat in just one store – in Makro. There are two stores of this chain in Pattaya:

  • Makro Food Service
  • Makro Cash & Carry

In both of these stores, I saw peeled crab meat.

How much is peeled crab meat

The photo shows packages of 300 grams of real crab meat.

Judging by the price tag, it should cost 235 baht.

But something is wrong with this price tag, if only because it says “Crab meat (breast)”. But crabs have absolutely no meat on their breasts. If you read in Thai, then there is as if one letter was missing, with which the word “peeled” would have been, and without it, it turns out “breasts”.

But the most important thing is the wrong price. In the check, the price for this package is 325 baht. That is, the price of a package of 300 grams of peeled crab meat is 325 baht.

How to cook crab meat

Crabs, like other seafood, do not need to be exposed to high temperatures for too long. If you are preparing a rice dish, then the crab should be added last.

Photo of homemade rice with crab meat, the recipe is very simple: rice (ready-made rice from 7-Eleven, eggs, crab and a little soy sauce and just a little sugar, salt and spices to taste):

Which restaurant serves ready-made crab meat dishes

If you don’t feel like cooking, but just want cooked crab meat, then you can find such dishes, for example, at Pupen Seafood. I talked about this place in the article “Good seafood restaurant in Jomtien”.

They either use other crab meat (not the one from Makro), or it is additionally cleaned, because in Makro crab meat contains small streaks, which are completely removed in Pupen.

This crab meat at Pupen is tasty but quite expensive.

Can crab sticks replace crab meat?

You will not believe it, but I love crab sticks more than crabs in any form: even in peeled, even in the form of whole crabs. Although much depends on the quality of crab sticks. One of the main criteria that you should pay attention to is the protein content – the higher, the crab sticks usually taste better. As a rule, Thai crab sticks contain 50% or more protein.

At Big C and other large stores, you can find 500 gram packs of chilled crab sticks for about 100 baht.

Makro sells frozen crab sticks in 1kg packs for a little under 200 baht.

They are all delicious! I can recommend any of them.

7-Eleven also sells crab sticks. And they are also very tasty, I can especially recommend Surimi Snow Crab Leg. They are of such high quality that my first Thai wife tried to convince me that it was a real crab))) She did not believe that they were made from fish until we read the composition))

The second Thai wife also at first thought it was a real crab. When she found out that they were made of fish, she was a little disappointed and said that “this is a hoax”.

By the way, real crab meat is really added to some crab sticks, but quite a bit (1-2%).

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