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Where to buy dark beer in Pattaya and Thailand

“Don't drink water (fish have sex in it) – drink beer!”

(opinion of a neighbor in the 9 Karat condominium, where I lived for about two years, but never saw this neighbor sober)

In the tourist areas of Thailand there is a fairly good variety of Western goods: milk (more…)

What does yellow watermelon taste like? How to tell yellow watermelons from red ones

What does yellow watermelon taste like?

Some time ago, an unfortunate incident happened to me: in the fruit market, I chose the largest and most ripe watermelon for myself. And when we came home and cut it open, it turned out that its flesh was yellow.

It tastes yellow, even very ripe, (more…)

Peeled crab meat: where to buy and how much it costs

Crabs are delicious, but quite expensive seafood. On the beach, a plate of crabs or a seafood set including crabs can cost 500-1000 baht.

But the main annoying thing about crabs is the need to clean them and picking meat!

In the restaurant, which I talked about in the article (more…)

Why sell and buy green mangoes. How to bring mango from Thailand

Mango is a very tasty tropical fruit. This fruit, when ripe, has tender yellow flesh with a sweet and sour taste.

Mangoes can be sold by the kilo, made into smoothies, or sold peeled and sliced.

In shops and fruit markets, you could see that they sell not only yellow mangoes, (more…)

Sights and nightlife of Pattaya: a map of interesting places and their description

Malls and markets in Pattaya