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How to renew your driving license in Thailand (Pattaya) in 2024

New rules for renew driving licenses from 2024

  • If your driving license expired more than 1 year ago but less than 3 years ago, then you must now watch a 5 hour video and take a theory test.
  • If your driving license expired more than 3 years ago, you must watch a 5 hour video, take (more…)

Where to play beach volleyball in Pattaya

Pattaya beaches

Khao Mai Keao Reservation Park is a great place for hiking near Pattaya

The cost of owning a motorbike in Thailand (ownership experience 4 years, 24 thousand km)

After refueling the motorcycle at a new gas station for me, it began to stall at idle. And sometimes even while driving.

The time for the next scheduled maintenance on the motorcycle (24 thousand km) was just right for me, and I decided to combine repair and maintenance.

In theory, (more…)

Where is the motocross track near Pattaya. Rent motocross bikes, ATV, Quad, Buggy in Pattaya

For myself, I divide auto and motorcycle sports lovers into 2 rather different groups:

  • speed lovers
  • off-road lovers

I consider myself a fan of speed: the accelerator to the max, controlled skidding in corners, maximum focus and reaction to events and situations that (more…)