Where to buy sexy clothes in Pattaya

Sexy dresses, lingerie and outfits for sex in Pattaya

With regard to Asian women, especially in the hot streets of Thailand, it is necessary to clarify what is meant by sexy clothes. Girls and women of different ages in short shorts and dresses hardly bought their clothes in sexy lingerie stores, but they look amazing and sexy!

In general, on a sexy girl, any clothes become sexy – therefore, the main thing is to find the right girl.

You can look at women in sexy outfits in the bar. There you can also choose the right (from your point of view) half-dressed/half-undressed girl. But this is not suitable for everyone (for example, the wife does not approve).

But do not rush to despair. You can diversify your sex life with even a limited set of partners (even one).

This is where sexy outfits come in handy.

By and large, any short dress that is sold here on every corner may well fit. You can easily find shops with ordinary clothes, underwear and swimwear. In this short note, I have compiled a list of stores that sell sex-oriented clothing.

I have been to all the listed stores, they are all open at the time of writing in 2022.

1. Bua Khao Market

Thai name: ตลาดบัวขาวมาร์เก็ต

Soi Bukhao Market is a bustling indoor/outdoor complex with kiosks peddling trinkets, produce & a variety of street food.

In this place you will find several shops selling skimpy dresses, sexy shirts, sexy underwear, very short shorts and other clothes that are more sex-oriented than normal use. Although the usual clothes are also available here.

In a kiosk with underwear, amazingly low prices (several times lower than, for example, in shopping malls). Although the underwear is very beautiful (of course, with an emphasis on sexuality), comfortable and of high quality.

Location on the map:

2. An unnamed store in 64 Bua Khao

Shop for sexy dresses and shirts. Good choice, here I got some of my favorite purchases. Here they sell goods of a rather popular Chinese brand SHEIN.

Location on the map:

3. Sexy ninja shop

One of the few stores of its kind with a name.

Thai name: ร้านเซ็กซี่นินจา

This store is located on South Pattaya road (Pattaya Tai road) near Walking Street.

The peculiarity of the store in a clear sexual orientation. If outfits from previous stores can be imagined on a girl in a bar or as a nightgown, then here you will find costumes for role-playing games, stockings, collars and stuff like that.

By the way, with regards to sexy stockings, it is cheaper to order online.

But you need to know where to order online, and then you have to wait. Therefore, if you do not want to wait, then in this store you will find long stockings. By the way, this is perhaps the only place that I can remember offhand where they sell long stockings in Thailand. For some reason, stockings are not popular with sellers.

Location on the map:

4. Shop at 194 S Pattaya Rd

Another unnamed store. It is located almost opposite the Sexy ninja shop – you need to go a little in the opposite direction from Walking Street.

Shop with sexy shirts, dresses, swimwear.

Location on the map:

5. Took Jay Sao shop at 269 Pattaya 3rd Rd

Alternative spelling of the name: Tookjaisao Shop

Thai name: ร้านถูกใจสาว

As written on the sign of the store itself: Uniform, Go Go coyote dancing wholesale.

That is, it is a uniform store (for dancing).

Large selection of sexy costumes. The assortment changes for the holidays (Halloween, Christmas). Wholesale.

Location on the map:

Map of sexy clothing stores in Pattaya

This map contains sexy clothing stores in Pattaya. Stores with sexy dresses, sexy lingerie, sexy nightgowns, stockings, and other sexy outfits.


If you know other stores with sexy clothes and accessories for sex, then write them in the comments and I will add them to the map!

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