How much money do ones need to live in Pattaya

How much money do ones need to live in Thailand

I have been living in Thailand for the sixth year and have never written articles on how much you need to earn to live in Thailand, because this is too individual: someone in one evening can spend enough money for another to live for a whole month. And someone can find a guy (woman) who will provide for her/him, and live generally for free – everything is very individual.

Basic expenses for long-term living in Thailand

You can calculate the minimum amount required to stay in Thailand and immediately there will be someone who claims that you can save even more and spend 2 times less on living (or vice versa, he will say that he has no idea how to live on a 3 times larger amount).

In general, I will show my expenses and write my opinion – you can express your opinion in the comments.

And again, everything is pretty approximate and subjective, since I do not keep track of my expenses (and income).

Arrival in Thailand

Plane tickets are extremely individual, depending not only on your country, but also on your preferred level of comfort, since tickets on the same plane (different classes of service) can vary in price significantly.


Hassle-free study visa for 1 year costs 51,000 baht, that is, it is 4,250 baht per month, with most of the amount to be paid in the first months. Details in the article “How to get an Education visa in Pattaya”.

If this does not suit you (for example, it is expensive for you), then compromises begin further. For example, you can get an STV visa, which is also not free, it requires the purchase of medical insurance, paid extensions and is given for no more than 270 days. Details in the article “Advantages and disadvantages of the Special Tourist Visa (STV) visa. How to get Thai STV”.

Specifically, I am currently living on a student visa with the preparation of a family visa – this is more convenient, but suits even fewer people than even a student visa.

Flat rent

I am currently renting a nice room in a good location with a washing machine, a large pool and a good gym for 8,000 baht with a 1 year long term contract. This does not mean that there are plenty of good rooms for 8000 baht – in general the price is higher and you have to make an effort to find your room.

My wife rented a shabby room on Jomtien (inconvenient location, though depending on what exactly you need from the city) in an old condo for 4,000 baht a month. That is, you should not count on something cheaper than 4000 baht per month. Although it should be noted that the wife's former room had a direct view of the sea and it was 100 meters from the sea.

If you need a good room, count on 8000-10000 – this is the minimum.

For electricity I pay 2500-3000 baht per month, for water 400-600 baht. My wife works at the Juristic Person condominium, and she tells me examples of how some couples pay 500 baht for electricity (that is, they hardly use air conditioning) and 200 baht for water (they also don’t wash very often) – that is, whatever one may say, about 1000 baht you will have to pay for the meters even if you suffer from heat, but do not turn on the air conditioner, and go to the pool to wash.


If you are my enemy, I can create a menu for you for less than 200 baht per day. If you love your body, then eating hard saving, but without harm to health, is real, probably for 200 baht per day. This amount assumes partial self-cooking, that is, you can meet 200*30 = 6000 baht per month for food.

Household chemicals

This includes toothpaste and mouthwash, dish soap, laundry detergent and softener, and anything else I might have forgotten.

Approximately: 2000-3000 baht per month.


If you rent an apartment without a washing machine, then washing in self-service machines is about 10 washes per month for 40 baht, that is, 40*10 = 400 baht.

Motorbike rental + gasoline (or taxi and public transport)

Renting a motorcycle is about 3,500 baht per month. In addition gasoline is about 500-700 baht per month.

If you use public transport, then it may be cheaper.

If you use a taxi, then moving around the city will cost you more.

Bad habits, unexpected expenses, spending girls, medicine, etc.

All this is individual and can easily exceed all previous expenses.

How much money do you need for 1 month of living in Thailand

We start with mandatory payments:

  • Apartment rent and utilities: 8000 + 3000 + 500
  • Food: 6000
  • Household chemicals: 2500
  • Laundry: 400

Subtotal: 20400 baht

Let's add the rest of the options:

  • Motorbike rental + gasoline: 4000
  • Student visa: 4300

Total: 28700 baht

That is, if you earn $1,000 or more, then you can comfortably live in Thailand. If you earn less, then you will need to save on something.

Individual person's expenses

In my particular case, in transportation costs, I only pay for gasoline, because I bought a motorcycle.

I had already paid most of the amount for the school before starting my studies.

I have unexpected expenses such as getting married and then traveling to change my wife's last name, and getting a family visa (but I'll save on a study visa in the future).

In fact, I spend more money than calculated above on food, but I bear these expenses together with my wife – she buys part of the food.

Benefits of Pattaya and Thailand

Anyway why choose Pattaya or Thailand for life?

There are a lot of good places on planet Earth. Each of them has their own fans. Fans of Thailand also have their own reasons to love these places.

What do you get for free in Pattaya and Thailand

Good weather, or rather eternal summer (about +30 C° all year round).

The sea and the beach – you can always come and sunbathe or swim.

Festivals, concerts, and fireworks: all this is quite often held in the open air, all these shows are free.

Exotic Asia – to get into a new world, so much different from Europe, you just need to go outside.

Many condominiums have swimming pools.

The condominiums also have gyms, the entrance to which is free for residents of the condo and their guests.

What you get very cheap in Pattaya and Thailand

Tropical fruits, Thai food and massage. It's cheaper here than anywhere else.

Nightlife for adults – no matter how you feel about it.

Big malls and all popular brands.

Not the worst conditions for long-term visas – this is a solvable problem. If you want to stay in Thailand for years, then you can do it.

Food prices are reasonable. You may find that you spend less on food in Thailand than in the country you come from.

Most of us cannot afford a luxurious life in our home country. But in Thailand, almost anyone can afford to live in a house with a pool and a gym, not far from the sea. A very good option to improve your standard of living without spending more money.

Cheap travel in Thailand and neighboring countries. Public transport (buses, planes, trains) is very developed in Thailand and very inexpensive. You can visit all 77 provinces (regions) of Thailand and you will find something new and unique in each of them. If you love (or want to explore) Southeast Asia, then Thailand is a good place to start.

Tickets for buses, ferries and trains, including connecting routes:

Air tickets to international and local destinations at the lowest prices:


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