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What to do if electricity is cut off for non-payment in Pattaya

In utility bills, most of the costs are for electricity bills. Electricity in households can be used around the clock to run one or more air conditioners, as Thailand is summer all year round and hot all year round. Also, electric stoves are very popular in Thailand, which consume a lot of energy.

The (more…)

How to pay your electricity bill in Thailand

PEA Smart Plus: app for remotely checking electricity meter readings, electricity consumption statistics by hour, day and month and much more

How much money do ones need to live in Pattaya

How much money do ones need to live in Thailand

I have been living in Thailand for the sixth year and have never written articles on how much you need to earn to live in Thailand, because this is too individual: someone in one evening can spend enough money for another to live for a whole (more…)

How to pay your water bill in Thailand

Where to get and pay your water bill in Thailand

With long-term rental apartments, as a rule, tenants pay bills for water and electricity.

The water bill arrives at the end of the month, usually on the 25th-26th. If your condominium has mailboxes, you will find your bills in the mailbox. (more…)