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You definitely need to know this before buying an apartment in Thailand

Why are bananas grown in the center of Pattaya, is it really so profitable?

The capped photo shows young banana palms planted on land less than 2 km from Walking Street and the sea. This is South Pattaya, not the very center of the city, but very close to it.

And in the next photo there are banana trees that have grown before my eyes. From my condominium, I watched (more…)

How much money do ones need to live in Pattaya

How much money do ones need to live in Thailand

I have been living in Thailand for the sixth year and have never written articles on how much you need to earn to live in Thailand, because this is too individual: someone in one evening can spend enough money for another to live for a whole (more…)

How to rent an apartment in Pattaya

How to rent an apartment in Thailand

If you try to search Google for “rent an apartment in Pattaya”, then it is likely that you will stumble upon one of the ad aggregator sites, or an agency site. I have had both negative and positive experiences of searching for apartments for (more…)