Where to get your Honda motorcycle serviced in Hua Hin

For the reliability and safety of the motorcycle, it is necessary to get maintenance every few thousand kilometers. It is also necessary to undergo scheduled maintenance to maintain the manufacturer's warranty. Specific service intervals are listed in your motorcycle's service book.

You can get serviced at unofficial auto repair shops, but you won’t save much, so I would recommend contacting official Honda services.

In Hua Hin, the official Honda service center authorized to carry out maintenance and make entries in the service book is PO Auto Sales (ป.ออโต้เซลส์ สาขาหัวหิน). As is often the case in Thailand, this is both a store and a service center. Here you can buy Honda motorcycles at the lowest price in Hua Hin, as well as get scheduled maintenance of a Honda motorcycle in Hua Hin.

Location on the map:

Service Center open Monday to Saturday: 8AM–5:30PM

Sunday: day off.

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