Sunbeds on the coast of Pattaya: how much and how to use – all you need to know about renting sun loungers

Along Pattaya Beach Rd, as well as Jobtien Beach Rd, there are many umbrellas and sun loungers (sunbeds) under them. The owners of these places invite you to come and settle down on them.

Perhaps you have wondered how much it costs to rent a sunbed on the coast of Pattaya? Do I have to pay by the hour or is the fee fixed? Is it possible to eat and drink alcohol on sunbeds.

There are tables next to the sunbeds. Foreigners and Thais rest on sunbeds. There are a variety of food and drinks on the tables. Do I need to bring my own, or can I buy it here? If I can buy here, how big is the markup?

This article will tell you about this and much more – keep reading!

The cost of sunbeds on the beach in Pattaya

The cost of sunbeds under umbrellas is usually as follows: 50 baht for a small one and 100 baht for a larger one.

The cost of sunbeds is fixed, no matter how long you rent them: for 1 hour or for the whole day.

A beach table is provided for each visitor or group of visitors.

How to accommodate a large company on sunbeds?

If you come with a large company, for example, 4-8 people, then the owner of the sunbeds will place them for you in a semicircle or circle around the tables. You can arrange a small feast right on the beach.

Is it possible to drink alcohol on sunbeds

You can, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can be ordered right on the spot. All drinks will be chilled. Drinks will be provided with straws. Coconuts will be open. To coconuts, in addition to the straw, they give a spoon – with a spoon you can scrape the flesh of the coconut from the inside.

Glasses are sometimes given and sometimes forgotten – you can ask for them anyway.

Can you bring your own drinks?

It depends on the specific location and specific hosts. In some places you can bring your own drinks without any problems, and in some places the owner demands money if you open your alcohol.

What kind of food can be ordered

The choice of food is very varied. Usually available in an assortment of grilled seafood, which is prepared right on the beach, as well as traditional Thai dishes (which are ordered for you and brought from the nearest restaurant).

When your food is served, a trash can will also be placed under the table.

An example of an assortment of seafood ordered and cooked on the beach in Pattaya.

Grilled shrimp by the sea in Pattaya.

How expensive are the extra charges for food and drinks on the beach

There is a markup, but not very big. Approximately +10 baht for drinks and about the same or slightly more expensive for food.

Can the sunbeds be moved?

Yes, you can. Moreover, the owner of the sunbeds himself can move them according to the needs of your company.

If you want to sunbathe, you can pull your sun lounger out from under the umbrellas into the sun.

Is it safe to leave things on sunbeds

I would recommend that you do not leave valuables and bags on sunbeds unattended. If you came with a company and want to swim, then it is advisable to leave someone alone to look after things.

Of course, the owner or hostess of the sunbeds will also look after things, but they are often distracted by other customers.

Additional services on the beach

Along the sun loungers go sellers of a variety of food and ice cream; wishing to give you a massage, manicure, pedicure, or tattoo; sellers of souvenirs, watches, sunglasses, beach toys and cigarettes.

There are a lot of them all and their abundance rather annoys me.

But if you want to relax even more, you can order a massage or a pedicure – it's very lulling on the beach, on a sunbed in the shade of umbrellas and palm trees.

Until what time do they work and what time does the rental of sunbeds on the beach close?

There is no exact schedule, but usually at sunset (about 6PM) they begin to gradually fold their umbrellas and stop letting new customers in. From about this time until the end of work on folding umbrellas and collecting sunbeds, the closing time can be considered.

What if you want to sit near the water

Here you can also rent a mat and sit away from the sunbeds, for example, by the water.

Why on some days there are no sunbeds on the beach at all

Previously, sunbed rental worked every day. But one day there was a scandal between the owner of the sun loungers and a tourist who wanted to relax nearby.

As a result, the city authorities decided to give the beach a break from renting sun loungers, and on some days they do not work.

Where can I rent a sun lounger

On the coast along Pattaya Beach Rd, sun loungers for rent are located along the entire line of the sea with small gaps.

On the coast of Jobtien Beach Rd, sun loungers start at the intersection with Thappraya Rd and stretch to approximately Soi Welcome.

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