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Where to get service and repair of a Honda motorcycle in Pattaya

There are workshops in Thailand, including Pattaya, where you can repair your motorcycle, change the oil and perform other service on your Honda motorcycle.

In addition to unofficial ones, there are also official Honda service centers, which are usually located right next to motorcycle shops.

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Honda Click 160i – is it worth buying a motorcycle with a more powerful engine

On a recent trip to northern Thailand, I drove a Honda Click 160i. In less than 3 days, I drove about 300 kilometers along the ideal and deserted roads of the Thai province.

Before that, I had already ridden a Honda Click 150i in Hua Hin.

But on a permanent basis, I have a Honda Click (more…)

Where to pay road tax for a motorcycle or car in Hua Hin. Car service in Hua Hin

What is the tax rate on a motorcycle in Thailand

Motorcycle tax in Thailand, for example, for the Honda Click 125i is 100 baht.

The amount of insurance is 360 baht.

Station service fee: 110 baht.

Thus, the fee (tax) of the owner of a motorcycle up to 5 years is 570 (more…)

Where to get your Honda motorcycle serviced in Hua Hin

For the reliability and safety of the motorcycle, it is necessary to get maintenance every few thousand kilometers. It is also necessary to undergo scheduled maintenance to maintain the manufacturer's warranty. Specific service intervals are listed in your motorcycle's service book.

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Which store in Hua Hin has the lowest price for Honda motorcycles

Motorcycle manufacturer Honda sets recommended prices for each motorcycle model, but stores are not required to follow it. That is, depending on the store, the price of a motorcycle can correspond to the recommended price, be higher than the recommended one, and even be slightly lower than the recommended (more…)