The cost of owning a motorbike in Thailand (ownership experience 4 years, 24 thousand km)

After refueling the motorcycle at a new gas station for me, it began to stall at idle. And sometimes even while driving.

The time for the next scheduled maintenance on the motorcycle (24 thousand km) was just right for me, and I decided to combine repair and maintenance.

In theory, the symptoms of my motorbike are similar to dirty spark plugs after refueling with bad gasoline. I explained to the mechanic what the problem was and he set about repairing it.

The mechanic dismantled almost the entire motorbike and put it back together. It took time somewhere from 9 am to 2 pm. I thought that the repair price would be high and went to an ATM to withdraw 5,000 baht.

It turned out that maintenance and repairs cost me 370 baht. I didn’t even believe it at first, I say he was busy almost all day, how can there be so little? They said he checked the whole motorbike.

How much does a scheduled service cost at an authorized Honda service center

370 baht is the cost with an additional check service, the normal maintenance price for a Honda Click 125i for 24 thousand km is only 310 baht

For 12 thousand kilometers they charged me 455 baht (because I asked for an additional check of the brakes and something else), but in general the usual price is 395 baht.

They took a little more for maintenance for 18 thousand km (somewhere around 600-700 baht, along with additional checks at my request), because it was planned to change spark plugs, some kind of belt, maybe something else.

Well, that is just minuscule.

If you drive about 6-12 thousand km per year, that is, you need to undergo scheduled service maintenance 1-2 times a year, then the costs are approximately 500-1000 baht per year.

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How much does it cost to repair a motorcycle in Thailand

For 24 thousand km, nothing broke for me.

Well, that is, at 18,000 km, my rear wheel was blown out and I changed both tires, because they were bald.

And that's it.

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That is, for 24 thousand km, the Honda Click has not a single breakdown.

They say about Honda Click and Honda Wave that they are eternal and can drive up to 100 thousand km without breakdowns.

How much do you have to pay for mandatory motorcycle insurance and taxes

A couple of months ago, I paid the required payments, which include tax, liability insurance and a service fee. Last year they charged me 570 baht. This year they took 571 from me – an additional 1 baht, either for a photocopy, or for something else.

By the way, last year I did not bring the green book of the owner of the motorcycle and they did not ask for it.

This year I forgot to make a photocopy, so I brought the original book. They took the book from me and returned it with the addition of tax records for all previous years. That is, although it is possible to pay tax without the original motorcycle green book, I recommend that you bring it.

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If you count all the costs of servicing and maintaining a motorcycle, and add the cost of gasoline to this amount, it turns out that I ride for about free.

In Thailand, it is very cheap to keep a motorcycle and service it even in an official service center.

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