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The cost of owning a motorbike in Thailand (ownership experience 4 years, 24 thousand km)

After refueling the motorcycle at a new gas station for me, it began to stall at idle. And sometimes even while driving.

The time for the next scheduled maintenance on the motorcycle (24 thousand km) was just right for me, and I decided to combine repair and maintenance.

In theory, (more…)

Where to repair a motorbike and a motorcycle in Pattaya

Modern motorcycles, at least from manufacturers like Honda, are very reliable and in the first three years the need to go to a service center arises only for an oil change.

But no one is immune from breakdowns. In this note, you will know where to turn if you have a motorcycle malfunction.

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Where in Pattaya to inflate or change motorcycle tires

Where in Pattaya to inflate or change motorcycle tires

Motobike tires: where to pump air into the wheels, where to change tires

It is recommended to check the tire pressure from time to time. Tire leaks cause a motorcycle with half-flat tires to use more fuel and tire wear faster.

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What to do if water leaks, air conditioning does not work or other domestic problems in an apartment in Thailand

Among the everyday problems that you may encounter in Thailand most often happen: water leaks, the air conditioner does not work well, the lighting lamps do not work, and so on.

The cause of the problem may be inside your apartment (a leaking sink) or outside your apartment (water leaking (more…)

Where to get maintenance and repair of a Honda motorcycle in Pattaya

There are workshops in Thailand, including Pattaya, where you can repair your motorcycle, change the oil and perform other service on your Honda motorcycle.

In addition to unofficial ones, there are also official Honda service centers, which are usually located right next to motorcycle shops.

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Where to pay road tax for a motorcycle or car in Hua Hin. Car service in Hua Hin

What is the tax rate on a motorcycle in Thailand

Motorcycle tax in Thailand, for example, for the Honda Click 125i is 100 baht.

The amount of insurance is 360 baht.

Station service fee: 110 baht.

Thus, the fee (tax) of the owner of a motorcycle up to 5 years is 570 (more…)