New modern protection against mosquitoes while walking

Walks along the sea after sunset or evening gatherings by the pool, barbecue on the balcony after sunset or a night walk around the city – romantic, pleasant; after a working day, it acts relaxing and pacifying.

If it were not for mosquitoes, in Thailand they bother practically all year round, becoming especially numerous during short periods of cooling in January and February.

There are various mosquito repellents, such as electric mosquito killers or slowly burning chemicals. All this is not very convenient and, to be completely honest, not even very effective.

What to do, give up nightly kisses on the beach and relaxing evenings by the pool?

I recently learned about a completely new, very convenient and effective remedy! These are mosquito repellant stickers. In English, this is called Mosquito repellent stickers, Bug guard.

The packaging looks like this:

There are two small stickers inside.

They can be glued to clothes, air conditioner or fan.

Each sticker is effective for 24 hours.

One package was enough for two people to spend several hours on the shore of the night sea without being bothered by mosquitoes.

The stickers have a slightly pleasant smell of lemongrass, associated with Thai food. ))))))

The packaging indicates that this product consists of organic ingredients.

In Thai, the packaging says "สติกเกอร์ไล่ยุง", which reads S̄ti k kexr̒ lị̀ yung, literally meaning “mosquito repellent stickers”.

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