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How to protect your hands from tanning

First of all, this is a problem for motorcyclists – hands from the palms to just above the elbows tan and darken to a greater extent than the rest of the body. It doesn't turn out very pretty. And it seems that there are no special options, because due to the constant heat, a short-sleeved (more…)

Pattaya beaches

There are many who will tell you that Pattaya is not a beach resort, just a resort that happens to be on the sea. While agreeing that the main Pattaya beach, beach road, is fairly disappointing for a tropical beach and is home to some notorious Jet Ski scammers and although improving the sea water (more…)

How to get to Ko Lan Island

Why go to the islands at all?

On the islands, you can find clean beaches with clear turquoise water and white sand – just like on advertising posters. Many come here to take pictures or swim.

On the islands, the vegetation and terrain may differ from what you are used to in your (more…)