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Sights of Sukhothai Province

The Holy Heartland: a half-kilometer heart-shaped island

I accidentally found this place on the map. I couldn’t believe that this place was real, at first I was sure that it was an Easter egg from the map developers (you can look for information about Easter eggs on Google Map – they existed, I don’t know how relevant this information (more…)

Sights of Chiang Mai (map and top interesting places)

The most interesting places of Nong Nooch Botanical Garden

Nong Nooch Botanical Garden: themed gardens covering an area of more than 2 square km, as well as shows and elephant riding and other exhibitions

Rai Homfa: private park with a sea of flowers and places to relax

This is an interesting phenomenon when in the center of Thai Nowhere something very beautiful and very large is built, open to everyone for a very small fee.

You know, it happens that you are driving along the road, and after a few hours you want to rest, drink coffee and stretch your legs. (more…)