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Sights and nightlife of Pattaya: a map of interesting places and their description

Can a Thai woman take the surname of a foreign husband and how to do it

Can a Thai woman take her husband's foreign surname

A Thai woman, upon marriage, can either keep her premarital surname or change it to her husband's surname. If the husband is a foreigner, then there are no obstacles to changing the Thai surname – the wife can either keep her (more…)

How to get married in Thailand

First, at the moment when you are reading this, the information may no longer be very relevant, but some basic things should not change. In Thailand, everything changes very quickly, for example, I applied for a student visa 3 or 4 times and every, just EVERY time it was different!

I got married (more…)

Go Go and Coyote Bars

The difference between a traditional Go Go and a Coyote bar is the amount of clothes worn by the dancers with Go Go dancers wearing very little or nothing at all and Coyote dancers dressed sexily but dressed at all times . Of course many Go Go's are a combination of both!

The raunchiness (more…)

Where to buy sexy clothes in Pattaya

Sexy dresses, lingerie and outfits for sex in Pattaya

With regard to Asian women, especially in the hot streets of Thailand, it is necessary to clarify what is meant by sexy clothes. Girls and women of different ages in short shorts and dresses hardly bought their clothes in sexy lingerie (more…)