Salmon in Pattaya: fresh, inexpensive, beautifully decorated

Where to order salmon (trout) in Pattaya

Salmon is liked by many. In Asia, salmon is usually made into sushi or eaten raw along with wasabi and soy sauce. In sushi, by the way, salmon is also usually raw.

In Western countries, it is also usually eaten raw, but after salting.

Salmon can be fried, like any fish, but for my taste in this form, it loses all its taste. In fried form, there is fish tastier than salmon.

In this article I will tell you where to buy the cheapest (but freshest) raw chilled salmon in Pattaya, where to order salmon pies, and also where to buy salmon bellies – they can be used to make the most delicious Tom Yum Plaa (fish soup) in the world.

The cheapest chilled salmon in Pattaya

Of course, in all major stores you will find raw chilled salmon. In my experience, the cheapest chilled salmon of good quality is sold at Makro Food Service. Go to map.

The price per kilogram of chilled salmon is from 769 to 919 baht. These packs are about half a kilo. Price 400-500 baht per pack.

Frozen boneless salmon bellies in Pattaya

If you want to cook fish soup or fry salmon, then I recommend you pay attention to the frozen belly of the Mercury brand. Packs of 1 kg cost only 215 baht!

Boneless bellies in the package. That is, almost everything is edible, except for small pieces of fins.

I recommend that you cook Thai Tom Yam Plaa soup, in which you use these abdomens as fish – it will be the most delicious soup in your life!

When frying, the bellies turn out to be very fatty – you won’t eat much, but it’s also delicious.

Where in Pattaya to order salmon in the form of a cake or a heart?

Look at this “cake” in honor of the birthday.

And one more “pie” from salmon for a birthday.

We ordered them from ME Salmon Delivery Pattaya.

Contact ME Salmon Delivery Pattaya on LINE: https://liff.line.me/1645278921-kWRPP32q/?accountId=mesalmon

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ME Salmon Delivery Pattaya on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mesalmonpattayadelivery

We ordered salmon there several times, always good quality.

Another similar company, but we have not ordered anything there yet: https://www.facebook.com/Salmonpattaya

And one more place where you can order salmon (we haven't ordered anything here either): https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083415633359

To find out the current prices and get acquainted with the assortment, write to them, they will send you photos of salmon dishes.

As you can see, the price of beautifully decorated salmon is higher than if you bought a piece of fish from Makro Food Service.

You also need to pay for shipping (30-50 baht).

The price includes chopsticks, wasabi, soy sauce.

Is it possible to eat salmon raw. How to eat salmon

Yes, salmon in Asia is eaten raw.

If you think about it, salted salmon is also raw fish, just with the addition of salt.

In Asia, it is not eaten with salt, just adding wasabi to taste and a little soy sauce.

If you bought a piece of chilled salmon, then cooking it is very simple: in addition to salmon, buy wasabi and soy sauce. Cut salmon into thin slices. Add wasabi to slices, dip in soy sauce and eat.

The fish is soft and very tasty.

If there are few fish, then for satiety you can eat it with rice.

By the way, if you have already eaten sushi with salmon, then raw fish is also used for their preparation.

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