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Texas Chicken – great and inexpensive fast food in Thailand

In Thailand, there are brands of popular international fast food chains (junk food), for example:

  • McDonald's – very expensive and very small portions
  • KFC is good, but not enough to go there often
  • Subway – in this place I met my first wife, I have never (more…)

Salmon in Pattaya: fresh, inexpensive, beautifully decorated

Where to order salmon (trout) in Pattaya

Salmon is liked by many. In Asia, salmon is usually made into sushi or eaten raw along with wasabi and soy sauce. In sushi, by the way, salmon is also usually raw.

In Western countries, it is also usually eaten raw, but after salting.

Salmon (more…)

Natural mineral water in Thailand

Drinking water in Thailand, regardless of brand, can be divided into two groups:

  • obtained by purification (usually a combination of reverse osmosis, ultraviolet irradiation and ozone treatment)
  • natural mineral water

Purified water (if you buy on tap) costs 1 baht per (more…)

How and what to use the bonuses of mobile operators in Thailand (dtac and AIS)

When paying for mobile communications in Thailand, for example, dtac and AIS operators, you can see how some bonuses accumulate in mobile applications.

These bonuses are called:

  • Coins – in dtac
  • Points – in AIS

I didn't take them seriously at (more…)